Accepting myself for who I am

I think the text for this tattoo will end up being a lot shorter than the page for the Metroid tattoo. Yep, it's permanent. Crossed that bridge already, it's cool. In all likelihood will cross it again, as I've got vague plans for a sleeve rattling around in my head. Life for me would have to change pretty drastically for the realistic possibility of that to come about though, so y'know... not holding my breath.

That said, lemme see if I can answer some of the questions I think anyone might have about this. Why? Because I like explaining shit... it's kinda my nature. So sit tight, let's see what's rattling around upstairs today.

So, when didja get it?
January 7th, 2016 (36 years old). Ukrainian Christmas, WOOH! That was just kinda blind coincidence though.

Pretty feminine, isn't it?
I know, right? It turned out great! I'll be a Britney fan for life... listening to her music throughout this whole learning process has helped immensely. Not to mention that I've been a fan of hers for YEARS. Ever since her first album, and I happened to catch a song or two... wherever in my travels, a little bit of me lit up inside. But at that point, I was still all bottling up and hiding my feminine side, so my mind was all "listen, but try not to bob your head. Mustn't let people think I like her music" and that type of mentality.

To be fair, I was teased quite a bit when I dared to 'like' her on Facebook, back before I learned about gender identity, so that really got me cramming that shit down mentally.

But that love never diminished. I still liked her songs. I still sought them out. Despite the many teasings, I proudly left her 'liked' on Facebook, because THAT'S a thing that mattered to me at the time. Yeah, nowadays I've clearly accepted that whole part of me. Absolutely though, her music and influence helped me through my transition here. The specific album that's from is more or less irrelevant... it's just about the cutest-drawn heart ever, and was related to Britney Spears. Great album though :D.

What's the meaning of the flag?
Go here for more info on that if you're curious, but long-story-short, pink - feminine, white - nada, purple - both, black - whatever else, blue - masculine.

Are you worried about anyone teasing you about it?
Pfft, who the hell is going to see it? It's on my hip, the only people that are gonna see it are gonna be the people who've long since accepted the whole bearded-lady thing to begin with. Not like I'm hiding that any more. Anyone reading this page, or finding out about it otherwise? Go ahead, you're not the one that's genderfluid. I mean... you are what you are.

So... a cutie mark?
HAH, more or less :). The approximate location for it was already picked before I got into the show, but I really do enjoy MLP, so I still count it as such.

Do you like how it turned out?
Man, it came out AMAZING! Mad props to Aarom at Iron Lotus once again for the excellent work. Beautiful linework, and I love how he was able to transition between the glowing of the heart and the flag. I really wasn't sure how that part was going to work, so I was just leaving that part in his hands. Really, amazing work, thanks again :)

What's next?
No idea. Like I said, I have a vague plan for a sleeve in my head... left arm, Fallout-themed. I get the feeling that'd be the type of thing I'd want to be down to the point of me sketching out a rough drawing of it myself, and letting the artist do the rest. So... yeah, don't see that blip on the radar anytime near. I'd also need money, for which as of typing this, I'm still laid off and hunting for work. No customs brokers are hiring, I'm not getting callbacks from any of my initial huntings, and now I'm down to applying through temp agencies again. I'll hopefully get something soon. Honest, hardworking employee who takes pride in their work? And I can hide the feminine stuff at work if I need to, that's fine for now. Strip the paint from my nails, and my hair would just be in a ponytail, which hopefully won't be a problem. I have no desire whatsoever to cut it right now, I've spent most of my life wishing I had long hair :P

Don't suppose anyone wants to hire of Tannis-of-all-trades, do they? Really handy with damn near any tool, pretty easygoing, really friendly, take pride in my work and all that. My general motto in life is 'if you're going to learn how to do something, learn how to do it well.'
The album cover from Britney Spears's Britney Jean album, plus the genderfluid flag, equals the genderfluid flag inside of the heart from that album cover

The printout of the flag inside the heart, above the tattoo of it on Kabutroid's hip.

A photo of the tattoo from a more direct angle.

The tattoo in brighter lighting, close up on the details

More pics to be added over time.

If you have any other questions that I haven't brought up though and were curious, by all means, send me a message on facebook or email me, and I'll respond as best I can.

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