Prairie flowers

Thistles and alfalfa

Ahhh, the prairie flowers. Back in the early days, laying in the alfalfa, watching the clouds go by. It's nice there, y'know the alfalfa's kinda sparse, so you just like... lay in it. You prop yourself up on one elbow, and just kinda... look around. All the alfalfa's at about eye level, you've got this nice little... patch of the wild that you're in. Prairie wild! It's a whole different kinna beast than forest wild. Forest wild is a little crashy, a little bearish. You kinda... yeah, a whole other story. Prairie wild (I'm both wild btw) is a slow wild. It's a... lay your head on the ground, and just feel the earth there. Look up, and gaze at the blue. Y'got a blue day this day, some clouds that day. I like overcast, it's... white. It's like a blank page, a blank canvas. It's just... empty; and you can do whatever you want with it!

Sometimes I'd go off into the fields, like across the road. There was corn there once, sunflowers. Go play in the dirt there a bit. Now let's check out what's behind that old barn thing down the road. What's in there?!? Never did find out there. Big ol' barn of someone's. I always assumed farm equipment, just kinda... felt right. But it coulda been like scrap metal, and that stuff's awesome to play in! Like... y'be careful and stuff, but scraps have so much cool stuff to find!

So anyways, I'd search for cool scraps of stuff ^_^

Found a few cool pieces of shattered porcelain. There was a whole lot out by the cucumber patch! Found it one day, kinda digging around in the dirt. Just kinda pawing around, saw a shiny thing. Dusted it off, oh hey, a piece of broken like... bowl, or plate maybe? Y'know, you can kinda identify what it came from if you find a piece big enough. Some had designs. I distinctly remember one that had blue on it, blue circles. Kinda wondered what that woulda been from, like what has that design? Figured a flower pot maybe.

There was a few of them there, pieces of different porcelain things. It's like someone broke like... 5 items, there, just all kinda smashed them to pieces, and then either let it dust over or something, why would it be buried so shallow? Wouldn't it be kinda an eyesore? I dunno, maybe they liked them there.

I pondered over that pile of broken porcelain a number of times there, wondering what its past was. Shoulda kept a piece, darn it. I'll find me another broken piece of porcelain, to remember these ones by ^_^

So yeah, expect another Zebeth story on that one day XD

Where was I, I'm getting off topic. A tattoo, yah! So I really loved the idea of an ankle tattoo, and pictured it with prairie flowers, the ones my mom grew. She had all kinds of them, tulips, crystanthimums, she had all kinds. There's a list somewhere, I should post pictures of them sometime.

Added! The flowers from back home, on top of the alfalfa and thistle lol, that the dirt child in me felt connected to. But this is what we grew up around.

A patch of pink five-petal petunias surrounded by their leaves. A patch of pinkish white five-petal geraniums also surrounded by their leaves. Several lavender, white, and yellow chrysanthemums, roundish balls of dozens of petals in a planter beside a path. A flower of yellowish orange marigolds, also roundish with dozens of petals, planted in the ground along a row. Several pink begonias, with petals that coil in towards the center, surrounded by their dark green leaves. Several yellow and orange impatiens with the sky as a background. They are pitcher-plant style flowers, with a deep reservoir at the center of the petals. A yellow gerberas flower, with dozens of larger petals along the outside, and dozens of smaller petals towards the center, with a black speckly center, and other gerberas flowers in the background.
Petunias, Geraniums, Chrysanthemums, Marigolds, Begonias, Impatiens, and Gerberas

So I gave a pile of photos to my tattoo artist, Katie at Metamorphosis in Winnipeg. I said like... k, here's like my most important ones, a thistle and alfalfa, and she drew a prairie flower into the middle of it! Oh my goodness, it sits so gorgeous on my ankle, I just love it. I've got alfalfa there, and a prairie thistle. Good old thistles, hurt like hell when you step on 'em. When they're flowering though, oh my goodness go to a thistle patch when they're flowering. It's a gorgeous purple flower atop a bundle of needles, and it has the most heavenly scent. A little bit sour, but with a heavenly undertone. Just... the perfect combination of kinda... scraggly weed root, and just... a wonderful aromatic flower. Just oh my goodness, every time I pass by a thistle, I stop to smell it. I'm so glad I have this, this is my favourite flower ever ♡

Thistles, whoda thunk it. I like the scraggly ones. Kinda thorny, generally unpleasant to touch, kinda gives you the heebie-jeebies? I like those ones.

BURDOCK, heavens, there's another heavenly one. oh my goodness, I swear the purple flowers are the best ones. The purple spikey ones ^_^

So she drew up this *heavenly* design, you can see it in the first picture there, and oh my goodness, the rose just *pops*. And I love the little trail of leaves going down towards the toe ^_^

Mmmmm, she can see it expanding. We have that first patch of flowers, but she can see a line of ivy running up her leg. Something, she pondered bark maybe. Like... envisioning herself as a tree. Strong as an ox, built like a forest!

Like dat about myself. Take karate, kinda proud. Not the softest thing in the workshop.

Thistles, gotta love 'em! I love me thistle ^_^
Stencil of the prairie flowers Colour drawing of the flowers

The drawing beside the partially finished tattoo That tattoo from top down, showing the leaves sprouting towards the big toe

The tattoo from the side Highlighting the thistle and alfalfa flowers

Top down again, after its healed a bit Side view of the tattoo again

Back angle showing the flowers Far back, showing the rose bud that reaches the back of my ankle.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. My life is an open book but for the asking.

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