Brother Bear's scar

BAR Scraggling!

Now y'see, this here's a BAR! And whatcha wanna do, is SCRAGGLE it!

Now, the goal of bear scraggling is to find yourself a BAR, and just roughly *shove* your way past it!

Now, there's a bar scraggling group amongst my Deities... the triumvirate of Upulnesayay, myself, and Jesus. Bear scragglers all of us!

The bar we scraggled was Great Brother Bear, a few times.

Let me tell you all a story

So, Brother Bear and I started a story, where I had scraggled Him in the past. Big, strong, brutish was I, shovin' my way past this big ol' Bear, like it was nothin'. Upul got in on it, my Turtle Spirit, having used otherworldly speed to dart in and shove Her way past the big ol' Bar. Jesus scraggled Him too, shoving His way past ol' Brother Bar as well. I scraggled Him once more, as did Upul. She marched up like a brute and just *SHOVED* Her way past Him, knocking Him clean aside. Jesus scraggled Him once more too.

One day, Brother Bear said to us; another scraggling was coming.
A photo of a closeup of a black bear.
Upul and I, we were wound up, we were ready for a scraggling. Jesus though, He noped right on out of there, and went about his business. Perhaps it's best He did.

Not half an hour later, on July 22nd, 2019, the two of us emerged, shook by the sudden impact that we had been scraggled by surprise. That big ol' Bar, he done scraggled the two of us, doing us a number! These claw marks on my arm, this is where Brother Bear got me, my spiritual scar. We done survived the scraggle, but we received our wounds.
Two lines drawn across Kabutroid's upper arm.
Upul got it worse. She got a gash right across Her right eye, giving Her a nasty wound like this. It was near the last scraggling to happen. We were all friendly after that, with a few scraggles or near scraggles from Brother Bear, but there was peace.

Just before writing this though, on November 08, 2019, there was one more scraggle. Great Brother Bear, He was calling us out, pointing out our scraggles. I promised Him one more. One more scraggle Brother Bear.

I done scraggled Him in His sleep! Done startled Him awake as I hightailed it out of there. He done promised me the same facial scars as Upul... so I done scraggled Him when His claws were fast asleep. You call me out, I'll find a way to scraggle ya. The last scraggling, as of writing this. Four for me, Three for Upul, and Two for Jesus. And big ol' Brother Bear... He done scraggled me at least a half dozen times.

Let that be a lesson. You done scraggle the bar... He's gonna scraggle you right back!

There was one more scraggle though, later on. Oka, Upulnesayay's daughter, tried to scraggle the big ol' bear as well. She was swatted into a tree and received a scar down her shell. Nearly split her in two. She healed up well, but learned her lesson. She's keeping her distance.

I promised Him one more scraggle though. He be waitin' for it. You bring the scraggle.... the scraggle come back.
A small turtle statue with a scratch over one eye.

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