My bear paw

For the majority of my life, I have been drawn to the indigenous people. Their way of life, their people, everything about them. There was little I could do about this... y'know, for most of my life. I grew up in a small town, moved to the city where... well... having come from a small town... and when I say that we're talking little house on the prairies style prairie life... I was not the best at opening up conversations with others and getting to know people. So I mainly admired them from afar, secretly just... wanting to have been indigenous, or to have grown up in their culture. The tattoo just being started.The tattoo beginning to be filled in, with the word 'Video' beneath.
And then I moved to The Pas, where we lived right beside OCN, where I met some wonderful Cree people, and was more or less drawn to them. It happened to come up through a meditation group in town to go to a sweat lodge, where I met the wonderful family who ran the sweat lodge. Well, following my soul as well as advice from the Cree spirits communicating with me, I gathered the supplies to call a sweat lodge myself, and worked up the courage to speak with the elders on my own, telling them that I was in search of a spirit name. I'm not entirely sure what called for me to ask that, but I imagine the Cree ancestors had pulled me in that direction. The tattoo finishedThe tattoo, but rightside up this time.
It was at the sweat lodge that I was given the name The Eagle Who Flies Through The Heaven, which means the one that speaks to everyone. I speak with spirits from all religions, all spiritualities, just everyone.

As an aside to kinda fill in the gaps here, I am clairaudient, meaning I can speak with Deities and spirits almost word for word. Anyways, I talk to all kinds of spirits with that kind of clarity.

So over the months, I kept in touch, kept getting invited to sweat lodges, helping out and all that. It was around this time that I brought up getting a bear paw tattoo with Marie, who is the elder lady of the sweat lodge. She loved it, and gave me her blessings, and all went well. The wait was on.
Kabutroid wearing shoes, and the tattoo being on her ankle.Closer view of the tattoo
At about this time, Covid hit the world, and all tattoo related things were put on hold. For about 7 months I waited, before learning of a local tattoo artist who was doing work. I contacted them, and got put on the waiting list. Around THIS time, I was invited to another sweat lodge with the Merasty's, which... seemed strange, the aura felt weird, like I didn't fit in. I continued on, and sat outside the sweat lodge for a few rounds before they invited me in (I had arrived after it had begun due to work). When they invited me in, they formally accepted me into their family, and made me a member of their clan ♡

So it's like I'm an outsider who doesn't quite fit (which makes sense, being an outsider to all of this), but I am accepted. It fills me with so much love and happiness that I can be a part of their family, being from outside. I can't even begin to describe my love, and will be taking their teachings and ways with me when I travel to London, and spread indigenous philosophy and teachings while I am there.

And about two weeks after that sweat lodge ceremony, on September 06, 2020, the tattoo guy got back to me and gave me my bear paw. The timing couldn't have been better.
Tattoo of the bear paw, close-up

first tattoo - previous spiritual scar

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