A triple helix piercing

And for a very short while, a quadruple helix

Image of my very first piercing also added in, since it had previously just existed as a kabucam pic until now.

The triple helix piercing had a few small issues at first. I first did what should have been the middle and top piercing, after which the middle piercing became the top. In fact, the very first picture there, that's when the piercings were one 'setting' higher. As in, they were spaced X far apart, and then it moved one down. What was happening was that my glasses, the earpiece, was bumping into the backing of the upper piercing, and getting it infected. No seriously, there were some serious moments where it was so swollen that I thought my skin would simply tear (I'm fairly certain it did a few times) and the jewel would be sucked into the flesh. I'm... honestly shocked I don't have a scar there, to be honest. Not complainin', not complainin'

I'm sorry, it was disgusting and terrifying, I had to share lol

So that one was removed! We just moved the dots 'down' a notch, and put in the two bottom ones after a few months (sad on me for no longer having the exact date :( ). Everything healed up well, and I eventually had shortened posts put on them. My eventual goal is to get Barbie-pink rings to put there. AAAAAAAH, that would be so outrageous, I love it. Bright pink rings in my ears, bring it!

So that's my plan ^_^

Original pierced by Justine on June 11, 2015 at Metamorphosis, the rest pierced somewhere in 2017.
Her first regular ear piercing, dated June 11 2015. It's a black onyx stud, since I was still presenting as male at the time.

The triple helix piercing, in pink gemstones

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. my life is an open book but for the asking.

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