The belly button piercing

And you only get to hear half the story XD

Done at the exact same time as my second ear piercings (well... immediately after. Y'know, there wasn't two piercers there, and y'know, Justine wasn't two-handing this thing, I just... wouldn't let her lol. Actually, I might, that... that sounds kinda awesome). And yeah... it kinda hurt!

Y'know, I'm not even entirely sure why I got this piercing. It was just kinda always on my mind like 'hey, I've always kinda wanted one, those are cute', and then I was like 'yeah, let's do it' when she pulled the trigger on the triple helix piercing.

Actually, that'd be kinda cool too, piercing my own ear. Dunno, I'd do it once, but I get the feeling of not "knowing" when it's going to happen when a piercer does it would be better. I mean (why not, let's prattle for a minute here), they give you a heads up, saying like 'ok, I'm about to do it and here it... -goes!' or however. Think that'd be more preferable. Test and see y'know, but initial thoughts.

Anyhoo, piercing! So yeah, I picked out pink gemstones, because oh my god of course. The biggest ones they had, I thought that would look amazing. I had anticipated one day wearing a dangly piercing.

Truth be told, it's been 4 years and I still haven't (it's like October 2019 as I write this). I've taken it out... once? Maybe twice, I can't remember. But, I don't really wear belly shirts in summer (don't have the confidence for it yet), and well.. I never really think about it. Maybe that's why? I'm pretty sure I own a belly shirt.

Not sure if I'd wear it in the small town I'm in, there's that. Bit of a conservative town, everyone knows everyone, dunno if I'd *want* to create that reputation here.

Now big city, I can see something happening there. Swimsuit even, rock a bikini! I dunno, I can see it happening in a city.

Nothing against the town, it's an awesome-ass town, and honestly I love it. Like... it's surrounded by forests! Like... 20km away, you can get to a point on the road where if you walk into the forest, and don't just... turn back towards the road, it's just going to keep going, for who knows how many hundreds of miles. They have honest to goodness FOREST here!

And sweat lodges, and powwows, and just... oohh, a trappers' festival, with tea-boiling competitions, and log cutting contests, and OH MY GOD, I GOT TO TAKE PART IN A NECKBONE EATING COMPETITION! This town honestly has the world neckbone eating contest! It's pork neckbone, a nice big ol' piece.

Now see, whatcha gotta do is you gotta clean as much meat off that neckbone as you can in 2 minutes. Of course it's in front of an audience, and broadcast live. You're all standing there in a row, gnarling away on these things with greasy fingers and faces, all snarling and scraping at the bits of meat left. It was good! Didn't make the finals, but the judges gave my bone a good second look ^_^

Anyway, WOW, that deviated from a beautiful, sexy bellybutton piercing, didn't it? Lol, whoops, sorry about that. You got to hear a cool story to, so that's cool, right?

So anyways, I got to take part in a world neckbone eating competition, and also got my navel pierced years before XD

Oh right, the 'only half' part.

WOW, no srs, that deviated completely. Like... that's a REALLY good writing of the event, so I like don't wanna erase it, but DAMN did that take away from a sexy little thing laying on the beach for you ;*

Oh right, the second half. Don't worry about that ;)

Pierced by Justine on June 11, 2015 at Metamorphosis
A closeup of the piercing, in Kabutroid's navel

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