A felt Samus S logo.
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Mellow Coaster
A closeup of the Mellow coaster, a blue fly-like bug with orange wings and red eyes, with a black bead background, sitting on a plain white surface. It's a bit blurry to be honest, this was early in Kabutroid's digital era.
Waver Coaster
A waver coaster, a green flying guy with orange center musculature, and mostly blue teeth, it's honestly a bit hard to interpret this pixellated creature. A flying green bitey looking creature.
Felt Samus Logo
The Samus S logo, a yellow S, with red and brown panelling around it, on a green background
AYBC Banner
AYBC, which stands for All Your Base Cafe, with a chozo statue ice beam item inside the A, a googley eyed Zeela inside the Y, a Metroid inside the B, and Samus inside the C, with green outlining for the letters, black background
Mother Brain v.2
The second frame of the Mother Brain sprite, a red brain in a glass jar, beaded again.
A grey Metroid, quite... misshapen looking, made from a grey sweater, with black linework and white orbs inside, and white teeth. None of it is symmetrical, none of it, but it looks adorable.
Metroid Stamps
Two Metroid stamps that Kabutroid made, one from wood and one from a rubber material
4-Bit Coasters
A grid pattern of the four bit coasters, with them kinda getting smaller for every one closer to the center, about four iterations worth.
The 'On Air' sign
The words on air, in light blue and light green, on a black backdrop, with a red light beneath, in beads. It's laying on a white rug
A green Metroid pillow, made out of green furry fabric with red orbs and white teeth.
Driftwood Metroid
A wooden Metroid carved from a piece of driftwood, with Zebeth and a heart carved into the side

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