How to make a Rosary string

I made a Rosary with a string. Here's how:
A string of homemade Rosary prayer beads, nearly finished.

Get yourself a string. A tangle of string, sitting beside a pair of scissors, just on a plastic bin.
Tie a knot in it. A knot tied right at the end of one side.
Make a cross. Hey, that's not too bad! About six or 7 knots kinda used to create a cross shape in the string.
Now we need like... five knots. The first five knots in the string.
Ok, now we gotta make a really big knot for the centerpiece. A closeup of several knots, with a really big one as the most recent.
Now tie like... 10 knots. Then one more, a big one. A loop of the string, with over a dozen knots tied into it, laying in a curve.
Now tie like another 10 knots, and another big one. You see where this is going here. The next dozen or so knots tied in, and a general tangle of string at the end.
So now liiiiiike keep making knots.
Ok, so now you've got like... all the knots. The knotted string brought around in a loop, with the remaining loose end coiled beside.
Tie off to the centerpiece, you're done! Let's pray ^_^ The prayer knots tied off to the central knot again, creating the loop and laid out neatly.

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