Wood, Stone, and Titanium

Unknown wood, unknown stone with fossilized shells, and 3x 12ga 7/16"ID titanium rings

Divination pieces on a silk cloth.

I could go on for a long time about what led me to this point, but I've decided to make myself a divination kit. To put it simply, I see hearts and smiles and arrows wherever I go. In the trees typically, amongst the winding branches. I've never really tried interpreting them before.

I'm going to describe to you the pieces and the silk. Do with it what you will, whether you want to divine something, or think of something else with it, the pieces were placed randomly, slightly pleasantly laid out. Here are the pieces, three interconnected rings, a fossilized stone, and wooden disks, 7 of them in total. The silk first, bright pink and white, randomly placed this way. It's generally bright on the left side, with the right corners kinda beaming towards it. The fossil is mostly in the middle, it's a bit of just a lump. The three rings are right above it, arranged concentricly, and one wooden disk is near the bottom right corner, with a pointer spot kinda pointing right, slightly up.

The pieces have different meanings to me. It was at some time when I was making the dragons that I felt that the titanium rings were needed. I had already decided that I wanted to build a divination kit of my own, but hadn't quite decided on the format to have it in. Initially it was going to be eight whittled pieces with 3 ends (and a few with 2), making for 22 possible ends like the Major Arcana of a tarot deck.

Another disk added, mainly on the left in the bright area, pointing left and slightly up.

When the three rings came about, I wasn't sure what to make of the whittled pieces, as it worked out to some nice numbers and available whittling sides for runes or shapes. The rings were needed though. I went for an early spring trail ride shortly after telling my friend (who reads tarot cards, and gave me my first rune casting) of my plans to make a divination kit.

Another piece close in to the rings and fossil, to the right between the two. It has a pointer facing up right.

It was a wonderful outdoor adventure, filled with slippery slopes, inspiring words, the sounds of nature, an amazing campsite, inspiring imagery, and gorgeous views.

Another piece added, to the top right above the last one, pointing back towards the rings.

I went home inspired, and looking forward to the future. I've taken up a new interest... divination of all things. I could bring science into all this, but I'd prattle on for ages. I'm going by the idea that things can be interpreted, however it is that you want to interpret them. All of these pieces are unique, and have different ways of pointing and indicating.

Another piece added, to the top middle, with its pointer going left, and slightly up.

The rings can lay straight in a direction, or they can tumble into a ball. The fossil stone has all kinds of nooks and crannies and lines and stuff. The wooden discs indicators thanks to branches, the sides of them are covered in lines, there's all kinds of things going on there.

A piece added to the bottom right, with a pointer facing up.

I've decided to use this silk cloth as my backdrop. It's got bright areas, it's got dark areas, it's got focal points and lines and there's all kinds of room for interpretation in there. I'm typically seeing hearts and smiles when I go about my day. Let's see what kinds of thoughts come to mind with a handful of wooden discs, a fossilized stone, and three titanium rings, making for eleven pieces total.


One more piece, leaning up against the bottom right of the fossil.

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