The computer has been fixed!

WOOOOOOH, I did NOT expect this type of repair to happen. Ok, so this thing was giving me an 809 fan error on bootup, and it started happening like *right* after that transcription! Now, I was living in a small town at the time, and didn't have a repair service up there. So I'm in the city now, and I take it in to a laptop repair place, and ok, here's a bit of a story for you.

So, the guy basically tells me outright that he can't work on this model, because the hinges spring apart into a thousand pieces the second you open it, and even had a sample case to show me of this. So I'm basically moping there, and he's like hey hey, don't go away just yet, let's try blowing air into it, see what happens, cause y'know. Lo and behold, it booted up without error!

Now the weird part here, k like so when this started, I had picked it up by the corner, and heard a loud pop sound. And then error 809. But it still like felt like the fan was on, the top-left corner right by the exhaust vent. A friend had helped me troubleshoot this for a bit, and we figured it was probably a cable pulled out. But this guy blasts air into it for like... 30 seconds (it was off), and... welp, it just worked! Not arguing, not complaining, I'm still typing now, WOOOOOH!

So let's run with it. Anyways, we has a TON of updates, basically... everything that I've done since the last update lol. Although, I've been kinda in hibernation mode for all intents and purposes (ugh, miles long story, follow my song-a-day for details), so there's not as much as there *could* be, but I still kept busy with little things.

We have... actually let's put them one after another below, lets make this navigable:

The Housefly Chronicles - tales of my adventures with my housefly friends
Familiars - the start of a page for spiritual familiars
The Deck of Many Things box - an ornate wooden box with an interesting inside
The Deck of hazards - a third deck of many things exists?
The miniature dice dice bag - a teeensy little dice bag for teeensy little dice!
The dice roller - a funky little dice tower for the dice!
The D20 holder - a funky d20 holder, made for the aesthetics
The DND/Paizo/L5R logo - a mashup logo of the D&D, Paizo, and L5R logos together
Raven Facebiter - my Pathfinder character, that's also in the D&D world now
The patch bag - a cloth bag made from tons of scraps
It's Kabutroid! - the start of a Kabutroid figurine!
And short stories, we have a pile of short stories in the Bonus section, under the new Stories category! So go and check that out :D

As well, I've compiled most of the tabletop gaming items together and put them at the bottom of the AD&D page! So all of them are kinda there conveniently, and it feels kinda good to update the AD&D page every once in a while.


WOOOOH, let there be updates! Read below, there are a TON of pages added in since the computer went down. We have D&D stuff, we have stories, check them out!

Most sprites are property of Nintendo, who are awesome and and amazing and stuff, and also this is a parody and also it's free and stuff.
Comics, ideas, Kabutroid, and other custom content owned by KatieLynne Jackson. I'm pretty easygoing, and really don't mind all that much if you make content based on my content and stuff. Just don't go impersonating me and we're cool.