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Pathfinder 1st ed / Dungeons & Dragons 5.5th ed OneDND


The first sheet of Raven's character sheet, a level 11 chaotic good witch, various stats. 12 strength, 16 dex, 17 con, 18 int, 12 wis, 8 charisma lol. Yah she's a swamp thing. Good person though, just... a swamp thing lol The second page, Frog's stats, her Familiar, Frog is her pet toad. Strength 1, dex 12, con 6, int 7, wisdom 15, and charisma 4. A wonderful little friend, she's usually crawling around somewhere on her person. Has the scent ability too, they can *smell* what's near. This page strangely also has 'Sir Mordred' written on it, with roughly written the stats for a Minotaur named Khul, and an unnamed tabaxi. These are actually characters that Kabutroid had a chance to play in a friend's legend of the five rings campaign, but wasn't able to due to moving away. It seems the minotaur was a blacksmith, and the tabaxi was a scout, according to the scratchings. I meant Khul to carry a giant hammer made from steel, with a giant spike on one side. That way, she could decide whether to hit you with bludgeoning damage or piercing. Just a big. Slab. Of steel. Yah she was gonna be awesome, I've gotta bring her into another campaign sometime. Her stats are rolled :D. Yah the Minotaur is 15 strength, 11 dex, 16 con, 11 int, 12 wis, and 13 charisma. The tabaxi's at 14 str, 14 dex, which is pretty nice, high strength. 11 con, 12 int, 10 wisdom and 16 charisma, just a cat scout, Jack was letting us have a side character. The Sir Mordred part, the theme was to all be serving under some faction head, and that was the kinda guy that I picked, stern thing that like fit the roll best Big ol' hammer swinging minotaur, awe yeah. Anyways, glad I got to tell you about my side character here, I'm not sure if they will ever get their own writeup, maybe. You gots to see a preliminary part tho, so that's cool. Anyways, back to Raven. Page three, her skills. All kinds of stuff, they use Frog's stats for perception. Perceptive little Frog. She has various skills, climb plus 5, disguise zero. Handle animal plus six, knowledge arcana plus sixteen. Craft Jewelry plus one. Oh, she gets a plus 2 to stealth checks in swamps though, because of the swamp rebel feat. Yah stealth is 21 normally too, almost useless in game though lol. Stays in the pack, helps the team.
Page four, Frogs spells and skills, that's where the 14 perception comes in. Disguise minus 2, oh come on Frog you can do better than that. Climb plus eleven though, decent. Handle animal plus four herself, nice. Heal plus three, swim ten. A handful of random things too, plus seven to fly somehow. Acrobatics, ride, sense motive, sleight of hand somehow, I'm not even sure. The spels on the page are like Fly (again somehow lol), Remove curse, neutralize poison, dimension door. Stone to flesh too, she's kinda my spellbook so to speak in Pathfinder, I honestly don't entirely know how it works, one way or the other I can cast spells through my frog anyway so yah my spell book. I'm beast bonded with her though, so she can just kinda... absorb into me in dire times and then I pop her back out lol at some appropriate time. The next page of spells, page five. Her cantrips are presently guidance, detect magic, detect poison, and mending. That first one is erased a lot as kinda variable change it up day to day kinda thing. The others are pretty set. Level 1 spells on this page are like adhesive spittle and ear piercing scream. Level two has Raven's Flight (no kidding, pure coincidence with that and her name), Qualm, Merge with Familiar. Vomit Swarm, oh she uses that one constantly. Get some wasps out there, yeah make them roll for poison and distraction, every round, enjoy that there opponents. Also like all of the cantrips she can know are on the right side of the page. Page six, more spells! Mage Armour is asterisked, that one is prepared. There's actually several different prepared type markings, one for pathfinder, one for d and d, and the letter R for ritual cast spells. Lots of other random spells on here, Glitter dust, Fumbletongue, Cape of Wasps. Charm Monster, Summon Monster five, Lay of the Land. Some funky ones like Excruciating deformation, pugwampi's grace, healing frogs, a custom one like rain of frogs, except all of the frogs do 2 d 8 healing each. Touch of slime, Raise dead, stone to flesh, analyze dweomer, yeah all kinds of stuff.
A relatively new spell page, with four spells on it, and Plane Shift penciled in lightly for level 7. We have Unseen Crew, which was given to me as being able to learn it, and it being required for our airship. We also have Glimpse of Truth, like Trueseeing but for one round, Twilight knife, mainly just because the minmaxer recommended it, for the force damage I think, and then greater dispel magic sitting on the right. I think my reasoning, I honestly can't remember the original reason, was probably to have lower level spells on the left and higher level spells on the right. Page 8, her hexes and Ashukharma spells. This is where her Slumber comes in, putting the enemy to sleep on the battlefield. Water Lung, for breathing underwater, healing hex, feral Speech. Ashukharma's spells are like Stone Call, Stone Shape, Spike Stones, Wall of Stone. She has Witch's Hut too, for the d and d side of things, not in pathfinder that one. Does have Witch's Bounty though, also prehensile hair. Page nine, her items and inventory. There is just a ton of stuff here. bedroll, soap, beast whistle. Elven absinthe, ye olde diamond for resurrection. Chalk, candles, belt pouch, quill, ink, waterskin, ring of sustinence, hey. Rice paper, Tiger tooth, harrow deck of many things, two of them lol, that part is more d and d related, she does have two harrow decks in pathfinder though. She made a snake skin quiver early in, that's there. An Adamantine dagger named 'Scratch', a cloak of resistance. Bracers of armour, a pile of pearls of power lol. A robe of infinite twine, a ring of protection, a greater rod of resistance, that was new as of taking the photo. A dragon scale necklace, a respawn orb, a kinda thing our DM made to respawn us, we put five health into it, that type of thing. A staff of Earth and Stone, that's pretty cool. Fish hooks, rust coloured bag of tricks, oh, and 20 goodberries always on her, because of that witch's bounty thing.
Page ten, her attacks. There's a masterwork thorn bow, she actually has a spare bow lol. The Ankle Biter feat, she can bite *ahem* her namesake, as an immediate action if targetted in battle. Her magic missile wands, an indicater for her hair and mud rounds, oh yah she had the hex to turn into mud back there, mud witch. Arrows 40, except it should actually be 50 because of her bone arrows lol. Page eleven, her scrap page, with a random name Zaru Geartron. Most of it is items to get and spells to find. For items, she is looking for the tome of understanding, if she ever gets the money lol. Ring of spell storing, ring of spell turning, just magic missile wand, collect more if you find 'em lol. Sending Stones, Boots of the cat, periapt of health. She's looking for the spells twilight knife, we need it to imbue some spell aspect into items, I can't even remember the guys want it lol. Glimpse of truth, greater dispel magic. Also this page is being used to mark off magic missile wand uses and her health score. Also, there's a sticker for Oomomo Canada on this page, it's from a tea cup that my DM friend Jack each of us.
A lil fly sitting on Kabutroid's arm, looking at Raven's character sheet. We're looking at the third page of spells, with cape of wasps lol. It's just kinda spread out on the bed, some digital counter and random miscellanea beneath it

A bit of a writeup on Raven (alt tags visible on images, lots of flavour text). She came down from the mountains, a worshipper of Ashukharma, the goddess of canyons and cliffs. She found her way down to the swamps, and was raised by the goblins there. Originally from the world of Golarion, a bizarre twist of reality saw her appear in the world of Toril, where she was a circle of the swarm druid for a time, before returning to her goblin way of life and joining a tribe, where she trained her sorcery as their healer. Having a great affinity for flies and swarms of all kinds, she took her mountainous, swampy origins, and eventually brought them to the cities where she now resides. She runs a magic shop as it were, where the locals know her for the mysterious cards that she carries. Oh yes, the harrow made its way into Toril too, eeeeeeeeehehehehehehehehehehehehe.

Also I had to like homebrew a few things in too, because she needed her prehensile hair! And like... the ability to turn into mud? Like, that was the entire basis for Raven! I was googling the word 'mud' on the Pathfinder wiki, and stumbled across Mud Witch. This is what led to Raven being a goblin (or rather a human raised by goblins, as per the DM to make it more compatible with the story), and it basically spiralled from there. Prehensile hair?!? Hook a girl up! Breathing underwater, aw yeah. SLUMMMBEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!! (my catch phrase). Oh, and you can be darn sure that every enemy on that battlefield is making a will save or falling asleep, in pathfinder this thing didn't take spell slots!!!! We just took the Sleep spell for d&d though. And at long last, she has been converted to 5.5e OneDND (vague facsimile on DNDBeyond). And so, her official DND character sheet is as follows:

Dungeons & Dragons

Page one of Raven's character sheet, Level 8 Sorcerer, 2 Druid, and 1 Bard. 64 max health at the moment, 18 charisma! Yah we had to swap intelligence for Charisma as our casting stat, so we just made intelligence her dump stat lol. She grew up in the middle of a forest, it makes sense. We of course have the Harrow Deck of Many Things in her equipment, a whole pile of Feats (healer, prehensile hair homebrewed in, observant, empowered healing, bardic inspiration, wild shape! Man, you take three classes you've got lots to dabble with. Page 2 of Raven's character sheet, though no character picture entered yet. It does show her backstory, some of it, where she was placed here by Ulaa, Goddess of Mountains and Hills, after a rift took her from... another plane or place somehow. She lived for 200 years without aging (there's DM backstory to this), and was found by druids. She studied with them for a bit (when she appeared, she was level 1 sorcerer, and then took 2 levels of druid with them), and then left to go live with goblins again, where she earned the rest of her levels of sorcerer, and one level of bard. She has a Toad named Frog once again, and an assortment of mundane equipment presently, mainly just the items from three different adventurer type packs that the three classes get to start. We got two ropes out of the deal, and things like ink, a pen, and sealing wax! Another part of her backstory, which will be detailing what happens after she is urged to travel to the cities with her goblin companions. The first background detailed the pre-aging times, and this background lists what happened after she began to age normally again. Namely, all of the modules to come, see her higher level character sheets. Mainly on this one, she and some goblins set out to explore the cities, but she first develops the spell Healing Frogs before leaving (level 3, summons 20 frogs that heal 1 health each, 20 additional frogs per upcast). It also indicates that soon after leaving, they stumbled across a Thri-Kreen named Kabu-Galag, an insect-like humanoid creature with four arms, whom they immediately took a liking to, as they already have a love of insect fly swarms. Also their Healing Frogs do not eat the flies, they are there to heal, and then they vanish.
Page four, her spell list, currently filled out to level 4 (and one level 5, because she learned all bard ritual spells as a result of taking a class in bard, she just can't cast that one yet). We have things like Shield, Detect Magic, Ceremony, which by the way is because of her Divine Soul Sorcerer type, where she is able to learn any Cleric spell as well), druidcraft, wild cunning, heroism (the reason that she took a level in bard), web shelter (a custom carryover from pathfinder), remove curse, counterspell, healing frogs of course, and dimension door. The fifth page of her character sheet, showing all of the cantrips and first level spells, or most of them rather. It turns out you get a lot of spells when you take 3 different classes, AND one of those classes lets you take sorcerer and cleric spells both. So we've got Sorcerer, Cleric, Druid, and Bard all happening in here. On an amusing note, her 'vicious mockery' cantrip has the example of shouting 'you're holding your sword wrong!', as her means of distraction. We also finally have Dancing Lights, thank you bard class! I have like... 10 cantrips here yo, it's crazy. The level two to seven spells, so half of the page is empty, but there's also some lower level overflow at the bottom of the higher level side, since we likely won't be learning more than one or two of each of the levels five through seven. Basically, we tried to make her flavour the same as in Pathfinder, with approximately the same abilities. Which just makes sense, she once again grew up with goblins, though with a few years of druid filled into there, and her hazy... half-memories from before the rift.
The final sheet of spells (for now), showing an almost entirely empty level 8 and nine section, though the spell 'sunburst' is lightly penciled into level eight. On the right half of the page, it is filled with level one through three spells, which are all of the bard spells learned from taking a level in bard, the two new level one spells, and then all of the ritual spells that you learn. On the bottom of the page we have the stats for her small swarm, the feature that she learned as a circle of the swarm druid, as well as mud ooze, her wild-shape ability. It seems the rift had an effect on her, as she could not wildshape into animals as the druids did, but seemed only to have the ability to turn into a mudpuddle like ooze. She does not cause acid damage, has only a bludgeoning pseudopod in this form, and can engulf you to no damage, though it stops the target from breathing, and generally grapples them. It's actually not ridiculously useful per-se, much like her mud ability in pathfinder, but it is flavour of course, and part of the storyline. The mud has 51 health for what it's worth, and her swarm has 25 health, though she took that Heroism spell specifically to bolster her swarm of flies, and give them four additional health per turn until the spell ends in 10 rounds or one minute, or I lose concentration. Also for her goblin buddies. The second last sheet, simply a drawing of a commercial street with several buildings on it, and the word 'Zounds' written in large letters above them. This references her song of the day, locatable on youtube, as song-a-day 1281, A tourist attraction, wizards and zounds. This drawing represents her shop in the middle, as well as the cleric's office two doors down, mostly off-screen in this drawing. Strangely, this sheet of looseleaf is just smaller than the rest of the pieces of paper, like almost a centimeter on three sides. The holes on the left side all line up with standard looseleaf binder holes, but in doing so it's... about eight millimeters short on all other sides. From a different pack long ago, but it's still just an unusual oddity. Much like her shop I suppose, lol The final sheet of Raven's character sheet, her scrap sheet, or 'scarp sheet', as is written. It currently has written down all of the spell components needed to cast all of the spells in her spell list, which I'm collecting for funsies and will have with my campaign kit. I have already obtained 'bloodhound fur', in a sense, in that as with several of these, finding the actual requirement is unlikely or hard, so standin items will do, for visual purposes. In this case, our bloodhound fur is actually coyote fur of all things, from the coyote faces mentioned in the kabucam gallery. It's a little tweeze of about three hairs, half-wrapped in clear tape. The component pouch itself is presently light green and mostly see-through, something that I had around, from an earring order or something. It works though, bright light green, highly visible in those stressful 'surprise attack' night watch scenarios, picturing it out loud. It's green which fits her general plantlife theme, growing up in swamps, the druids. On that note I need to find a stone fly for my component kit, my druidic focus, which since I have the ingredients anyway, is more of a backup than anything. As it turns out though, the bardic flute got to be a specific ingredient for something, dancing lights. I unfortunately couldn't work that in with this one. I have two druid spells that need ingredients, and both of them like make a *lot* of sense, and I don't wanna replace them, so this is a backup ingredient. Oh, oh, also going back to the page nine here, the rest of the scraps. It's pretty empty technically, since this is pre-module Raven, but we have a string of numbers, a few level nine spells written down, also level 26, a hint of what was to come, technically 29, that's 26 in sorcerer specifically. It shows the maximum spell slot availabilities at the bottom for that, since actual playtesting that will use this character in the field so to speak, will be after I run through all of the modules on my own, and use theater of the mind to play out scenarios rather than using actual numbers. That'll be for live use, that part, where she's already level 29. It's also got marker spots in the bottom right for your health, your mud's health, your swarm's health, your prehensile hair time and the number of crossbow bolts used. Also Kabu-Galag with a question mark written on there, foreshadowing her joining the party.
DAawwwwwwwww, the title text has it for this one, a lil fly looking at a great big giant fly, on a white bed, general wrinkles, and it's so adorable, awwwwwwwwwwwwww heart heart heart

Earlier level character sheet here

A wonderful little story will follow right here, once Raven and crew have come through the clear,
and modules behind, defeated and saved, a tale will be told right here on this stage

Yah, I'll put a few paragraphs about DND Raven here, once I run her, Kabu-Galag, and the Goblins through all of the modules that I've picked up. We'll see what spells and feats and treats they get :D

After which they will open the shop:

A little shop of magic has she
With curious cards you should see
The citizens around
Know of the sound
Of an adventurer shouting with glee

So, in order for me to be able to justify flinging a deck of many things around, I know a guy. His name is Dennis, and according to my song a day (where the early canon is derived from, playlist available here), he is in the cleric's office on Thursdays, two doors down from my shop. Also I can use my Earsend spell to send an emergency request to Dennis, don't worry, he knows what it means when a dismembered ear flies into his house. Also, I can attach a small note if I really need. But yah, he knows what it means when an ear shows up.

* Dennis poofs into the room, cuffs me upside the head, poofs my customer back to normal, cuffs me upside the head again, and poofs away *
"Thank you Dennis!"

But yah, canonically to play with these, Dennis was a cleric, who settled down in a big city, having been given the task of healing those around him, free of charge! And then I showed up. He's... gotten to know me lol.

Yah I had to be able to "solve" the harrow many things in order to be able to hand them out willy-nilly. Also my character sheet shows like 9 Unicorn cards, which I "found sitting on a ledge in a cave, whoda thunk" kinda thing, so that I can "solve" other deck of many things draws too. Yah it's broken I don't care lol, I had to solve the deck of many things, so here's a pile of unicorn cards and a guy named Dennis lol. Also technically like... 5 other clerics in surrounding areas, for when there's a party with the cards lol.

Now, here's where it gets interesting. K, so like at conventions, I'll have my shop open, like an actual shop (tho the game one is kinda modelled after my actual business), and be able to offer cards to the customers, either for funsies or... if they have a character sheet, eeeeeeeeehehehehehehehehehehehe! Now at this point, this is where those unicorn cards come into play, because those moreso exist in the real world, for if someone actually wants to get this undone from their character sheet (because Dennis isn't around lol). I'm going to have these unicorn cards, with like text on the back saying "I was saved from a deck of many things with this card", and like a line where you can write in the card that you drew. Just a little funsy to give out at conventions and faires, I can solve your bad thing kinda thing, I gotcha.

Also I gots like remove curse and stuff, you're golden.

Otherwise, welcome to the wonderful shop of potions and periapts, artifacts and articles, how can I help you adventurer?

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