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Pathfinder 1st ed / dnd 5th ed

The first sheet of Raven's character sheet, a level 11 chaotic good witch The second page of the character sheet, skills The third character sheet page, her familiar animal, a toad named Frog, with Frog's stats and abilities. It strangely also has 'Sir Mordred' written, with roughly written the stats for a Minotaur named Khul, and an unnamed tabaxi. These are actually characters that Kabutroid had a chance to play in a friend's legend of the five rings campaign, but wasn't able to due to moving away. It seems the minotaur was a blacksmith, and the tabaxi was a scout, according to the scratchings. I meant Khul to carry a giant hammer made from steel, with a giant spike on one side. That way, she could decide whether to hit you with bludgeoning damage or piercing. Just a big. Slab. Of steel. Yah she was gonna be awesome, I've gotta bring her into another campaign sometime. Her stats are rolled :D. Yah the Minotaur is 15 strength, 11 dex, 16 con, 11 int, 12 wis, and 13 charisma. The tabaxi's at 14 str, 14 dex, which is pretty nice, high strength. 11 con, 12 int, 10 wisdom and 16 charisma, just a cat scout, Jack was letting us have a side character. The Sir Mordred part, the theme was to all be serving under some faction head, and that was the kinda guy that I picked, stern thing that like fit the roll best Big ol' hammer swinging minotaur, awe yeah. Anyways, glad I got to tell you about my side character here, I'm not sure if they will ever get their own writeup, maybe. You gots to see a preliminary part tho, so that's cool. Anyways, back to Raven. Also the toad is named Frog.
The fourth page, my familiar's skills and spells Raven's level zero through two spells. Notable ones are Adhesive Spittle which is pretty cool, Vomit Swarm. Aw yeah, go swarm of wasps! Sixth page, her hexes, and her goddess Ashukharma's spells. Mud Witch is there, Prehensile Hair, Feral Speech. Ashukharma's spells are like Stone Fist and Wall of Stone and stuff.
Yet more spells! Yah I bought like nothing but spells lol. We gots Rain of Frogs, Dispel Magic, Pugwampi's Grace, Summon Monster 5, Glitterdust, Charm Monster. Advanced Earsend, a custom one. Mage Armour. Page 8, her item list. All kinds of junk like chalk, belt pouch, compass, quill, ink, pot, rope. Mess kit. Like a ring of sustinence, goodberries, she always has on her from her Witch's Bounty, which just grows them daily. She appears to have around 24 thousand gold at the moment, two copper. Robe of infinite twine yo. Filthy Rags, yeah they give me an extra vomit swarm, and also saving throws to some things, it's pretty cool. Last page, my attacks! Ankle biter, if targetted, I can bite as an immediate action! Also magic missile wand and shortbow and hair, yah I can attack with my hair. It's a masterwork thorn bow, kinda cool.

A bit of a writeup on Raven. She came down from the mountains, a worshipper of Ashukarma, the goddess of canyons and cliffs. She found her way down to the swamps, and was raised by the goblins there. Originally from the world of Golarion, a bizarre twist of reality saw her appear in the world of Toril, where she was a circle of the lands druid. *cough* for the purposes of converting her to D&D, we had to create a custom druid subclass, circle of the swarm. Having a great affinity for flies and swarms of all kinds, she took her mountainous, swampy origins and brought them to the cities, where she now resides. She runs a magic shop as it were, where the locals know her for the mysterious cards that she carries. Oh yes, the harrow deck made its way over too, mweeeeeeehehehehehehehehehehehehe.

Also I had to like create a staff of raise dead to stuff onto her in D&D (also a magical item of prehensile hair), because she needed Raise Dead, which isn't a druid spell. And like... the ability to turn into mud man, that was the entire basis for Raven! I was googling the word 'mud' on the Pathfinder wiki, and stumbled across Mud Witch. This is what led to Raven being a goblin (or rather a human raised by goblins, as per the DM to make it more compatible with the story), and it basically spiralled from there. Prehensile hair?!? Hook a girl up! Breathing underwater, aw yeah. SLUMMMBEEEEEEEEEEEEEER!!!! (my catch phrase). Oh, and you can be darn sure that every enemy on that battlefield is making a will save or falling asleep, this thing doesn't take spell slots!!!! Also yeah, turning into mud and stuff. Also like the spell Earsend and stuff I had to drag over. If you want to see her current iteration, her character sheet is on DND Beyond.

A little shop of magic has she
With curious cards you see
The citizens around
Know of the sound
Of a tornado that hits like a tree

Don't worry, I know a guy, and also I have that Revivify, it's cool.

Lol, but canonically, in order for me to be able to justify flinging a deck of many things around, I know a guy. His name is Dennis, and according to my song a day (where the present canon is derived from), he is in the cleric's office on Thursdays, two doors down from my shop. Also I can use my Earsend spell to send an emergency request to Dennis, don't worry, he knows what it means when a dismembered ear flies into his house. Also, I can attach a small note to the earring hole if I really need. But yah, he knows what it means when an ear shows up :P

* Dennis poofs into the room, cuffs me upside the head, poofs my customer back to normal, cuffs me upside the head again, and poofs away *
"Thank you Dennis!"

But yah, canonically to play with these, Dennis was a cleric, who settled down in a big city, having been given the task of healing those around him, free of charge! And then I showed up in town. He's... he's gotten to know me lol.

Yah I had to be able to "solve" the harrow deck in order to be able to hand them out willy-nilly. Also my character sheet shows like 9 Unicorn cards, which I "found sitting on a ledge in a cave, whoda thunk" kinda thing, so that I can "solve" other deck of many things draws too. Yah it's broken I don't care lol, I had to solve the deck of many things, so here's a pile of unicorn cards and a guy named Dennis lol. Also technically like... 5 other clerics in surrounding areas, for when there's a party with the cards lol.

Now, here's where it gets interesting. K, so like at conventions, I'll have my shop open, like an actual shop (tho the game one is kinda modelled after my actual business), and be able to offer cards to the customers, either for funsies or... if they have a character sheet, mweeeeeeehehehehehehehehehehehe! Now at this point, this is where those unicorn cards come into play, because those moreso exist in the real world, for if someone actually wants to get this undone from their character sheet (because Dennis isn't around lol). I'm going to have these unicorn cards, with like text on the back saying "I was saved from a deck of many things with this card", and like a line where you can write in the card that you had drawn. Just a little funsy to give out at conventions and faires, I can solve your bad thing kinda thing, I gotcha.

Also I gots like remove curse and stuff, you're golden.

Otherwise, welcome to the wonderful shop of potions and periapts, artifacts and articles, how can I help you adventurer?

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