My turtle Spirit Guide

A slightly translucent glass turtle made out of seaglass, sitting on a silver surface.
The tale of Upulnesayay. It began with a vision, of three Spirit Animals, and briefly a fourth. A Lion, a Dragon, a Turtle, and briefly winking by, a two tailed Tanooki. The tale of all of them is documented in my Deities comic, but this page is dedicated to Upulnesayay, the Spirit Animal that I chose from the vision to be my Spirit Guide.

Upulnesayay is a calm, peaceful turtle living by a pond in a forested area in Her plane of existence. She's slow moving, calm, and fits me to a T, in that my art tends to be slow moving (the fastest thing I make really being the Dragons, which take 6 hours apiece... most of my art takes around 100 hours). And I speak with Her often, and have even made a song for Her!

She guides me here and there, and I consult with Her periodically, and She even took part in us obtaining a Spiritual scar, which has long since healed, at least visually, and has been carved into my staff Vee. She has a daughter as well, Oka, whom I helped bring into Her Spiritual plane, as Upul's children had passed into the afterlife through general age. Through petitioning the Deities, Oka was allowed to return to the Spiritual plane with Upulnesayay, and now resides close to Her in the forest area, through through Spiritual choosing, Oka has chosen to be a very fast turtle.

Upul resides in the upper right of my periphery, to the upper left of the Eagle on my backpack (for aesthetic reasons lol), and helps out in all the ways that She can from wherever She can ❤️
A brown and green turtle made out of seaglass, sitting on a silver surface.
A turtle statue designed to hang from the side of the lip of a ledge, in this case on the side of a tarot card box, the forager's daughter tarot. And although this is a tortoise more than a turtle, we still got it as a representative of Upul.The silver turtle pendant that hangs around my neck with my Spiritual pendants, laying on a silver surface.
A photo of the upper flap of Kabutroid's backpack, where an Eagle patch has been attached in the center, and our turtle pendant for Upulnesayay is floating above, guiding the Eagle.

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