Indigenous spirituality

Outside of a sweat lodge, with a sacred fire burning, and a Bison Skull.
I figure I should just talk about how I basically came to meet my family here, and how I came to connect with them spiritually.

For starters I'll put here, being clairaudient helped a lot, as I spoke with the Indigenous Ancestors pretty much word for word, in the spiritual realm. When I first moved into my town here, I was just always interested in indigenous culture from the way back. The fact that I got the chance to be a part of this community is incredible ❤

I happened to come across the family from the nearby Opaskwayak Cree Nation through a Sisterhood group I was a with, a group of witches. They attended sweat lodges with the tribe, and I had joined one and it just... felt amazing. After that, I set out to ask to join a sweat, and learned the materials needed to call the ceremony, red and white broadcloths, and tobacco. I brought these to the family, and I well didn't realize it at the time, but I was definitely being leaned inwards by the Ancestors at the time. I was willed towards asking for a spirit name, and to join the tribe. The spirit name that they gave me was The Eagle who Flies through the Heaven, meaning the one that speaks to many spirits in many worlds. As in I speak with everyone from the Greek pantheon to Hades to Valhalla to Hindu. Anyways, they gave me the name because I speak to everyone.

I became more connected with them, and was invited to their ceremonies. I had attended a tie-up ceremony which was incredible beyond words. They invited me to all of their family events and celebrations. And I became a part of their family.

I became accepted into their family officially, in ceremony, during a sweat lodge. It was beautiful, and throughout it all I was connecting with and speaking with the Indigenous Ancestors. In the middle of this, in December 2019, I brought up getting a bear paw tattoo, and the elder's wife loved the idea. Due to covid hitting before my actual tattoo appointment came up, actually getting it was delayed, and I eventually got it in September 2020

I still speak with the Ancestors almost weekly, and we're all generally sad that I'm moving away (it's February 2021 as I type this, in the process of moving to England). I will however keep connected with them though, and wear my Medicine bag always. As well, I have made it my quest to spread knowledge about indigenous culture throughout England ❤

Some more photos ^_^
My family and the Elders of the sweat lodge.

The sacred sweat lodge fire, with the Bison Skull nearby, facing the fire.

The sweat lodge hut, with the door pulled open, a round hut made from thin trees and canvases, inside of a wooden shelter.

The family outside, at a makeshift Sundance ceremony during Covid. Multiple Bison Skulls are around the central post wrapped in cloth.

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