A brown leather medicine bag with leathert fringes hanging from it, and a clearish stone sitting on top. Three beaded spruce trees on brown leather, small moon in the top left An inside look at the bible cover box, with tiny print inside A brown leather pouch on a white backdrop
A brown patchwork leather pouch on a grey carpet A closeup of the stitchwork on a glove A black white and dark brown striped leather pouch, on light leather, laying on a wooden table A red patchwork... patch
Lots of buttons, I describe them alot in the alt text inside! A printed copy of the AD&D edition 1 dungeon master's guide, with the binding bound by burlap. It's also brown. A pink umbrella clasped to the side of a backpack A worn leather medicine bag with fringes hanging down, right after having been conditioned from years of use.
Kabutroid's right hand with a stitched leather sheath on her thumb, with an added layer of leather over the pad. A white crocheted rug with on it a pile of different colour spools of thread, a pack of different sizes of needles, several sets of household repair needles, a spool of fishing line, scissors, a piece of leather, a measuring tape, and bobbins and a footer for a sewing machine.

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The sewings I've sewn.