My sewing supplies

Eh, I posted my carving tools, may as well post this as well

A pile of sewing supplies on a white crocheted rug, different colour spools of thread, needles, scissors, fishing line, bobbins, a measuring tape, a stitch puller, a piece of leather, and needlenose pliers.
Y'know, I posted my carving tools, I should post my sewing supplies too. I'm not even sure why, it just seems like I should.

As one may suspect, we have a pile of random colours of thread, a handful of different types of needles, scissors, a pair of pliers, and random miscellaneous bits and pieces for my mom's sewing desk, pictured below. It's extremely old and a bizarre "Phillips" brand that I haven't been able to find really anything about online.

Safety pins, always a must! That fishing line, probably my favourite thing inside of here, 13 pound Spiderwire fishing line, if you want something to never break, you hand-stitch it with that stuff. Those scissors? They have an actively difficult time cutting this stuff. Generally speaking I need to use the aformentioned carving tools to cut this stuff, I love it.

The other vitalest tool in the bag, aside from the needlenose pliers (since 99% of the things I sew are hand-stitched) is that little scrap of leather. Learned from my Cree fam, holding a needle between a piece of leather is absolutely *incredible* for both grip and acting like a thimble. Most of the patches on my backpack were sewn on with that little piece of leather, and it is essential.

Not much else to say about this except sewing supplies, everyone should have them! Fix your torn jeans, attach a patch to something, fix that sock and save money, everyone needs to know how to sew, and everyone needs sewing supplies.

Also, I presently keep it all in just a ziplock bag, as I am still hunting for an obligatory metal cookie tin for them. Pics of that when it is found.

Posted 2024
A generally scattered pile of sewing supplies on a white crocheted rug, including different sizes of sewing needles, fishing line, different colour spools of thread, safety pins attached to a business card, for Wild Soul in The Pas Manitoba, bobbins, scissors, a lightbulb for a sewing machine, needlenose pliers, a small piece of leather, a stitch puller, and the ziplock bags that all of them normally sit inside of for now.

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