Fixing a leather glove

I just thought I did a really good job on this

A glove being repaired, with strong thread being used to attach a patch to the pad of a finger.
There's really honestly very little to say about this one. I had a pair of leather gloves that were just *phenomenal*, and the stitching started to go on them! Also over the years, the tips of some of the fingers had worn out :o

And so, I discovered that I was good at fixing this, and it came out really really nice! So I figured I'd show it off ^_^ . Also a part of my carving kit.

February 2020
Kabutroid wearing the newly repaired glove, with two new patches, and a little pucker in the middle of the palm to fix a tiny rip.
A closeup of the thumb, where you can see the new thread following the old holes, and replacing all of the pulled threads.A patch being sewed onto the pad a finger, below another patch that had been stitched on above it.

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