The Great Image-Tagging

The great image-tagging. The second great typing.

I wasn't sure how long this would take, like... some art projects have a dozen photos, some have just a few. It's been a loooong time 20 years in fact. Every art piece that I've created since 2002, all in-progress pics, all finished items. All of the menu pics, a little blurb. A lot of it is kinda humorous, I'm chatting about the pic and stuff. A lot of them brought up old memories and emotions, so those took some time to go through. Just a sentence or two for each, but some I went on for paragraphs here and there.

In either case, it is complete! The great image tagging, making the site accessible, and I grabbed a few errors along the way!

Oh, also this was the 'great slimming', in that over the course of... all of these images... every single one, almost virtually every single one, had border="0" code on it. I don't know, for some weird reason when I started coding, I thought border 0 tags were needed on stuff. In the course of this great slimming (all back and forward buttons, all comics, all title images), we saved... 1.5 Megabytes, WOOOOOH! Let the good times ROLL!

But yes, we removed superfluous code, and now the pages load just ever so slightly faster, and it takes up just a little bit less space, and that is good for me. WOOOOH, SITE OPTIMIZATION!

So anyways. Of recent updates, besides the second great typing, we have more books bound, a bit ago we had Lost House 3, and currently up is the promo for Lost House 4. We have a few more character sheets in the AD&D page, and the Kolyoral cube! Also, please see this YouTube link to possibly my greatest video yet: Song-a-day 1607 - We retake the fortress!!! (September 28, 2022). It was SO hilarious, it was SO hilarious, that I've probably rewatched it two dozen times now. It was... y'know, like when you really know you've hit it, like the Trabnagian feast, it was on that level, to me. When I can't stop laughing at it XD

So yes, go watch that, awesomeness.

On the flip side, still waiting for England, and that's gut-wrenchingly painful. My heart just isn't in anything without my Abby, my Bruce. We wait ❤️


Oh my goodness, the second great typing is complete!
We finally did it. The first great typing was the great transcription. We have just completed the great image-tagging. All images have now been described for the visually impaired, insode of the alt text!
- <img src="ringtool21.jpg" width="320" alt="A pic... steel tube, on a blue surface, and an inset pic... stone bits, and a tube cutting tool."></a></td><...
Every in-progress pic, every piece of art, all of the photos described!
If there was an html file, we checked it. Almost one hundred hours of typing, over 2500 images, spread over 400 html files. The second great typing is complete.

Most sprites are property of Nintendo, who are awesome and and amazing and stuff, and also this is a parody and also it's free and stuff.
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