A feast fit for kings

I love the way Kraid looks in that last frame. A pity it had to be partially obscured by text. Ah well, at least you get to see some of it.

Umm... right. Anyway... are you guys ready to eat? I hope you're hungry, because we've prepared enough food to feed an army!
Well Kraid, looks like you'll be lucky if you even whet your appetite then.
Now behold... THE FEAST!
*munch* *gnash* *chew* *chomp* *slorp*
Well Samus... lady's first. C'mon, that looks so good, I won't be able to hold back for long here.
...Your loss!
*toing* WOOH! FOODPILE! Dibs on that green stuff over there!
THAT'S the spirit!
*chew* *slurp*
C'mon Samus, join the festivities!
Riiiight. I'm going to go find those dry, scraggly old bush-salad leaves and munch on those for a while. I'll be back once I'm full, and I'm no longer nauseated by this feast.

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