Shoutout to Suvvy, my first Patron

This is an awesome way to start the year. Awesome shoutouts and many virtual hugs and hearts to Suvarestin for being my first supporter. I certainly wasn't expecting that digit to have changed when I logged in. Suddenly, a 1?!? That's AWESOME! Seeing it as a 0 kinda sucked, because it kinda implies that nothing is happening over there. I've been putting my all into this though. The number of hours I've spent over the past week staring at pixels and adjusting text and whatnot... there's a lot happening behind the curtain too.

So yeah, thanks again Suvvy. Your awesomeness knows no bounds, and I hope you enjoy being an official entity on the Zebeth planetary emulator :D

The bar's in blue-groundy area. Most of the minions know the way, just kinda ask around :)

Otherwise, during livestream I finished Sushi's cup cozy, and am currently working on a beaded on-air sign to have hanging on my door when I'm doing livestream. Y'see, usually I have the door banner hanging over it, but I remove it so that I can close the door for livestream. So I decided to upgrade the old one :P. Also WOOH, bonus comic!

All that said, the year's looking pretty awesome so far :D


*Doo be doo de dooo*, it's a nice day for a walk and totally not winter out. Yay for controlling reality, *doo de doo-*
*GAH* What sorcery is this?
Well hello there, who might you be?
Oh hey, I'm Suvarestin. I just started supporting your livestream.
WAit, really?!? THAT'S AMAZING! Thank you so much for believing-
Wait, what's going on? Where am I, and am I... carapaced?

Oh, uhh, yeah, probably. You're a space pirate! At least on Zebeth here. Check it out, you have claws and a laser beam, and-
WAIT, wait, how do you not kno- claws and laser beams you say?
YES, claws, laser beams, AND a beak-like proboscis! Also just ignore the inceptiony stuffs. Things happening in the background, nothing to worry about most of the time.
Sweet! How do I use it?
Uhh, point that way and try to shoot a laser.
AWESOME, this place rocks!
Claws do claw stuff, proboscis-beak works like you'd think, and Ridley runs the bar. Otherwise, welcome aboard Suvvy! Any questions, just ask.
Best. Reward. Ever.

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