Drinkin' time

THERE we go. After making 5 comics more or less back-to-back, I've managed to tie the archives together. There's been some kinda merging between the Life of Kabs and the Zebeth sections, with Space Pirates being introduced as my Zebethian Patreon supporters

And yeah, that's all awesome and stuff, but I was left with this storyline in my real life, and now they're running into the people on Zebeth.

So yeah, a little bit of fanangling with the html is needed to run the two together. It's a bit of a rough little knot I'm kinda untangling here, but it's just about done. Turns out I needed more Zebeth comics than expected to catch up to the Zebethian influx.

Oohh, other updates! Speaking of the Zebethian Space Pirates, you now have a profile page! I've used the first three Zebethian's colours for the title image, and another has entered the fray! Sonder is our newest Zebethian, following Laura, Bikdip, Wei-Hwa Huang, and Suvarestin.


I really am living my dream now. I have so much fun while livestreaming, I'm in a near-constant state of humming (my version of singing) happily while chatting with my viewers. This experience is amazing on so many levels, I just can't get enough :D

For items made, we've finished Bikdip's heart (shipped to him for being a supporter :D) and the first cup and saucer cozy! Both turned out amazingly cute, and I'm enjoying every minute of making them.

It's a nice feeling to know what wakes you up in the morning :)

Oh, and we also got an awesome pixellated rendition of Kabutroid by mathphysicsnerd :D


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