Make it better!

OUR FIRST SPACE PIRATE! Bikdip's first appearance into the comic :D

Also hey, the rare connection between worlds. I like how I played with the forward/back buttons there :D


Wow, I made a lot of comics back to back.

Also, this is the comic where the storylines collide. So that extra 'back' button will take you to the previous Life of Kabs comic, and then everything should be approximately normal from this point on. It's just a kinda extra branch into Zebeth is all :)


Ok, I'll hit the tunnels and meet you topside.
*thoom* *thoom*
OH GOD my bar. Ugh, well try to tunnel small around here. We'll be at the cave opening.
*scrape* *claw*
*dig* Banking on the queen talking to her kinds. There any backup plans? I mean, she's the queen, but Metroids are REALLY big jerks.
*hop* *hop* Never mind the fence. Worth seeing what happens, anyway.
Oh hey, wow, we've got co-KABUTROID! Just who I wanted to see! Also another Space Pirate, hey there. KABS! Metroid problems! Make that go better now!
I- what?
Fix your own problems, we're here to grab a drink and chat.
The Metroids have gotten to the booze crops! Priorities!
*sigh* Really?

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