The cup and saucer cozies

Vanessa & Theresa

A teacup and saucer cozy.
This one's taking a bit of pondering. I've got two pretty much entirely differently shaped glass things that belong together (two sets yet). How's one go about sticking 'em together and making it as convenient and cozied (wow that word's coming up a lot lately) as possible.

Pretty much all I've got is flip the cup over, wrap 'em in yarn. I'm thinking having a seam run down the center of the cup portion will hold it securely, if the closure clasp strap kinda wraps the two door flaps together. I think we've got a working theory here...

This project consumed the remainder of the Rammstein shirt, and took on the first of our thrift-store shirts! Panel two started up a 'Made in Weyburn' reunion t-shirt. Then there was some chaos where the panels were knitted to the wrong size, then unravelled and re-knitted into proper sizes. Then a pink Planet Hollywood shirt entered the fray.
Two and a half rectangles knitted, and the teacup and saucer shown beside the pieces.
And with much trial and error, as well as knitting to the wrong size, unravelling and re-knitting (poor Rammstein and Weyburn have taken a beating for this project) of the bottom panels, we find ourselves with just about the cutest cup cozy I could have imagined. Y'know, I really didn't know what this would end up looking like when I first started out. I even kinda like the way the corners curl up a little bit, due to the tent structure overtop of the cup, and the pinching in the back. It even has the added benefit of showing off the design on the cup! The front went through a few iterations in my head before going in this direction. Far simpler than the original plan of adding triangles and multiple buttons. Once I actually got the cup and saucer inside of there, it really didn't need a whole lot extra to keep things secure. One button, one string, none of the pieces inside of there are going anywhere until that string is unwound.

Well, if you really wanted to for some reason, you could potentially fight the cup out the back. This was somewhat made so that my delicate glassware will be protected when I move, or if my things are shuffled around. It's certainly going to do that, and just be kinda cute sitting on a shelf waiting to be pulled out and used. Added bonus, it keeps dust from building up on there :D. The cozy is made from tshirt material, so it can be easily washed. All in all, I like everything about this project :) Made Jan. 2017
The full black pink and white arrangement of the first teacup cozy.
And now I've got to make a second one for this set. So far this one is made from a little of the Planet Hollywood tshirt, the Eagle Nation - Home of the Green and Gold tshirt, and my Frosh '97 Engineering tshirt. So that's a kinda interesting combo.

I'd say that the overall construction of it came out better than the first one, though I prefer the first's colour scheme. The Engineering shirt wasn't a dark enough grey to create a sharp contrast, so it moreso just looks like her hood is dusty. The tongue came out great, the upper lip being pink, it's a pretty cute design. The back portion is a little bit more rounded than the first's, but if for some reason that really bugged me I could probably tangle enough yarn together to adjust it. But meh. They're cute, they have their individual personalities and quirks, and the china they're cozying is quite secure and cuddled :)

Made Jan. 2017
The white and pink arrangement of the second cozy, sitting on a knitted rug.

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