Rubik's Cube related things

As you can imagine, I've gotten into messing around with a Rubik's Cube as of late. Below is the various things I've made or other random paraphernalia related to Rubik's Cube.
Building a do-it-yourself Rubik's Cube

Repairing my original keychain Rubik's Cube

Building a 3x2x1 Rubik's Cube from spare parts (failed attempt)
Building a 3x2x1 Rubik's Cube from spare parts (successful)

Creating custom stickers for my original keychain cube

Improving a Rubik's Cube keychain

Rubik's merchandise I've acquired (aside from the cubes themselves)
All of my cubes (pic updated whenever needed)
A Rubik's Cube patterned Easter egg (Pysanka)
My first Rubik's Cube shirt (now yarned)
An unexpected find... a belt-buckle!
Solving cubes to match the aforementioned shirt and buckle
A second shirt enters the wardrobe

Rubik's videos I've created
Solving a Rubik's Mini Cube

Download original .avi file
Solving the last four corners

Download original .avi file
Download the cheat sheet mentioned

Mirror Cube stop-motion video

Download original .avi file