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For the Evulz

Strip 189: Delicious Cream Filling

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Couple notes on this: It was the result of a conversation between myself and former-ROMhacker Silver_Skree. The first half was inspired by Dr. Weird Corn, while the second half was inspired by more of our conversation combined with references to Mother Brain's infatuation with bread. Originally two different comics titled "For the Evulz" and "For the Redeux" respectively, it seemed more appropriate to simply have them as a single 8-panel filler comic not unlike some of the things Kabutroid has done.

There's also the fact that this is a fairly serious storyline and I felt breaking it up with a bit of humour was necessary. But yeah, it was really just some random filler I did during 2011. In fact, it was pretty much ALL the comicing I did that year.

Metroid, Samus, Kraid, and related characters are all property of Nintendo. Hiroshi, Sage, and all other original characters are my own creations, so ask politely if you want to use them. This comic was created soley by me, using only MSPaint; occasional editing help from Kabutroid using whatever he uses. The html was based off of Kabutroid's HTML and my own knowledge.