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Wilson's Revelation

There's an unintended joke in here somewhere, a cookie to those who actually spot it. I was totally unaware of it when I'd written/made the comic and didn't notice it until later.

Wilson! What happened?!
George.. that you.. can't see..
*rolls eyes*
Yeah, I'm here for you, pal.
Showed up out.. outta nowhere...
Who did?
Never seen 'em before...
Gahurk! ...s-so.. f-fast...
Fast buggers, huh?
T-th.. there is...
What? Wilson, speak to me!
There.. is.. a-nother..

Metroid, Samus, Kraid, and related characters are all property of Nintendo. Hiroshi, Sage, and all other original characters are my own creations, so ask politely if you want to use them. This comic was created soley by me, using only MSPaint; occasional editing help from Kabutroid using whatever she uses. The html was based off of Kabutroid's HTML and my own knowledge.