Email Hiroshi

This page may change appearence somewhat in the future, but for now it still serves it's purpose. If anyone wishes to email me, they can send it to . ALL EMAILS MUST HAVE THE WORD "SUBSECTOR" IN THE SUBJECT LINE OR IT WILL BE AUTOMATICALLY DELETED! Like Kabutroid, I have set up filters to only allow certain subject headings. In this case, emails must contain "Subsector" (not case sensitive) in the title, anything without these words will be immediately deleted. So if you don't get a reply, check your "sent mail" folder (if you use that) and make sure "Subsector" was in the subject. If it wasn't, you can bet I never saw it.

I don't check my email more than maybe two or three times a month, so please don't be surprised if you have to wait over a week before getting a response. Once again, I must stress that any emails to me contain the word "Subsector" or they will be deleted instantly. Sorry for inconvenience with the subject line requirement, but keep in mind that I'll want to check a lot less often than if I am worried about drowning in tons of spam mail per real mail.