Plentiful paraphernalia

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Name: Atlantis - The river beyond

Description: What happens when I thought a Perplexus puzzle would look cool half-filled with water, half-filled with smoke.

Construction: Perplexus puzzle, Torani syrup, glass downstem
Name: Absolente - It's faerlie green

Description: I like absinthe, and this is my favourite one. Ima make a bong outta one :D

Construction: Absente absinthe, 4" brass 1/8" nipple, brass 1/8" MHT x 5/16" FIP hose adapter, brass 5/16" FIP x 3/4" FIP hose adapter
Name: Shanelle - Cute and pink

Description: I love the colour pink, and a friend had given me a bottle of sake that came in a pink bottle. T'was meant to be.

Construction: Hakutsuru Sayuri Nigori Sake, 4" brass 1/8" nipple, brass 1/8" MHT x 1/4" FIP hose adapter

Obligatory disclaimer:
Everything seen or mentioned here is to be used for 100% absolutely legal purposes, where weed is legalized.

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