Absente absinthe, 4" brass 1/8" nipple, brass 1/8" MHT x 5/16" FIP hose adapter, brass 5/16" FIP x 3/4" FIP hose adapter

Nothing too special or difficult, just a nice solid construction. Nice thick glass on the bottle, brass stem, JB Weld to hold 'em together. My goal was to make a bong that would be unlikely to break if dropped. I could see it chipping or something if the downstep hits the ground and pops out, but eh, there's more JB Weld.
Aside from the general construction, which consisted of a drill with a glass-drilling bit, and a dremel with a diamond grinder bit, not too much else was needed for this. I taped around the labels and coated them with clear nailpolish hardner to protect them. I still wipe water off of it as soon as possible, especially around the edges, but it holds up faerlie well. Helluva lot better than without it, anyway. This was actually my second build, since the first had the hole drilled way too low.
For the threading on the nipple, I ground that down significantly to cut down on the crap that could build up in the threads. The adapters are just cranked together really hard, I figure that'll be plenty more than good enough. Otherwise, a screen fits nicely into the bowl (which could be less deep, but this just means it could be filled up more :P
And so, for lack of a better name, Absolente. It came out looking really good. Drilling the hole went really smoothly. I just picked up new bits before this build (ech, $35 for a glass bit and a dremel bit), and they mowed through the glass like nothing. The brass stuff was about $15 all-told.

I went over all of the brass with a buffing wheel to give it all the same colour and texture, as well as buff out any scratches (though I assume it will accumulate more over time).

Just... an all-around solid piece. I could have made it a bit more solid by adding more JB Weld around the stem, but I wanted a cleaner look instead. Ugh, shoulda seen my first attempt using Goop glue. Too rubbery, and it didn't adhere to the glass well. This... this works far better :)

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