Hakutsuru Sayuri Nigori Sake, 4" brass 1/8" nipple, brass 1/8" MHT x 1/4" FIP hose adapter

A cute little project, during which I didn't feel it necessary to take pics midway through. The glass was relatively thin, making it fairly easy to dremel away and create the hole. I have a fairly decent routine for making the brass pieces work well together, and having the hose adapter both fit snugly on, yet pull off of the downstem with relative ease. The bowl is a lot smaller to fit the smaller piece as a whole. All in all, a fun little build that I've been wanting to finish for a while :)

There's unfortunately little else I can say about this project. I received a bottle, I wanted to build something with it, and I accomplished my mission. The work with the JB Weld was a little bit messy, and cleaning it up afterwards began to pull the frosting from the surface of the glass.

Yeah, I know, whoda thunk it? I was expecting the glass to be... y'know... frosted by way of material removal, like some minor sandblasting surface-etching in some manner, not a topcoat added after the fact. Ah well, that's fine, my initial sealing of the hole turned out well and quite cleanly overall. Mental note for future projects I suppose. I was also fitting this project in between several other objectives, so I wasn't able to spend as much time paying attention to the smaller details as I would have liked.

Still, all in all it turned out well :)

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