Perplexus puzzle, Torani syrup bottle, glass downstem

What to say about this? To start with, I made this a few years ago, but with the law still being stupid about things of this nature as of posting this, didn't particularly feel safe posting these pictures. Also, employment, blah, blah, blah. But I figure that at this point, I've posted enough politically controversial things on this site, and if a company is trolling this deeply into Zebeth territory, I'm already sunk on that front. I figure at this point, I may as well give them a good show. Hey, company who's judging me based on the subject matter to which I devote my time, rather than the work ethic and pride taken in the manufacturing of said product. Unless you're more impressed by the craftsmanship and don't care about all that other stuff, at which point HEY GUYS *waves*. Ummm... gimme munneys and stuffs, and I'll keep making the thingies and stuff what you like. C'mon, I like making stuff, you like... stuff, let's work something out here. Get a hold of me on Facebook or whatever, I'm hoping that at this point we can be casual about this.
Oh right, it's a Perplexus puzzle and stuff! So yeah, I've had a few Perplexii kicking around, and since this one (the "regular" difficulty version) was pretty easy to finish, I decided to repurpose it for shits and giggles. Yes, yes, made of plastic, blah, blah, I've heard all of that. I've used it all of a tiny handful of times, and cleaning it with rubbing alcohol doesn't kill it, so it's fine. I made it for fun.

After popping the Perplexus in half, I eventually located a place where a downstem would reach well enough. Working with a perfect sphere with a whole pile of jumbly stuff inside made this a bit interesting to figure out. It's not permanently adhered to the base either, so you've gotta be careful when putting it down. I kinda like it, it forces you to be careful with your things :P
After lopping a hole in it about where I wanted, I found that a vanilla syrup bottle that I had kicking around for meking English Fogs had an excellent stem size for this. Same-looking plastic as well? Hell yeah, couldn't ask for much better. I used Goop glue to attach the two together, attempting to keep the glue sandwiched between the plastics as much as possible. It turned out decently. A few iterations of gluing the top and the bottom together again, and I could glue the purple outer band overtop of the seam again, both to make it better-looking, and more watertight. I haven't thoroughly tested every inch of the seam or whatever, but since I was just throwing it together, I wasn't concerned about that too much. I haven't had any drips escape from it so far, so I imagine it's decently done. One way or the other, partially filled with water, it looks cool as hell :D

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