A cozy for a tingsha
Things made for funsies not needing an individual page of their own. Enjoy the gallery of the miscellaneously knitted :)
A green and orange knitted cozy with the bronze tingsha beside it, and an inset image of the tingsha cozy being closed.
Made from the tshirts for the Crow's Nest in Ashtabula Ohio and Aultman Heart Centre, this Tingsha cozy was made a bit on the spur of the moment. A different project (juggling ball bag) was too big and needed some unravelling, and some of the yarn went to make this :)

February 2017
Three juggling balls outside of a knitted orange, light green, and dark green bag, and a second image of them stuffed in the bag.
A juggling ball bag that was made too big to begin with, was partially unravelled, and then rebuilt again! Built from the tshirts for the Crow's Nest of Ashtabula Ohio, Fargo Moorhead Radio, and Aultman Heart Centre. The second time came out far better, though a little tall. Room for a fourth ball in the future maybe?

February 2017
Two pictures of a cozy for a set of tarot cards, mostly white with some black tshirt yarn, and some grey bits in there from the text on the tshirt. The left picture has the cards partially exposed, and the right picture has the cozy closed with its drawstring around a silver button made from two chainmaille scales.
A cozy made for my friend QuelynBlay, who is really into giving Tarot readings (Riverside Tarot link). She has like... tons of tarot decks, and she wanted a cozy for them. So I went and made one for her. I'm actually not 100% certain what tshirts this was made from due to data losses at the time, so that part shall remain as mysterious as the tarot itself.

March 2017
A white cozy with a green stripe for a machete.
Although it pains me that the machete itself will not receive cozying, it wouldn't take long for the edge to cut through the fabric if it wasn't protected by the sheath. Made from the tshirts for the Divisional Youth Chorus, and Fargo Moorhead Radio.

March 2017
An orange, black, and white, cozy for a pair of ski goggles, with a hot pink clasp.
Larissa - the snow goggles cozy! I wanted to pizzazz up my snow goggles bag (and also wanted to use the bag they were previously in for my divination kit. Problem solved, the kit got a bag, and the goggles got cozied! Made from the shirts for New York Road runners, Providence College, a plain black Kirklands shirt, and Zeppe's Tavern and Pizzeria.

April 2017
A red knitted cozy for a tall graduated cylinder.
Having made an Erlenmeyer flask cozy, it was only natural that my graduated cylinder would find itself in a similar outfit. Made entirely from the tshirt for Beez Lacross (number 42). Its numbers didn't come out readable like with the flask, but it's still awesome in its own way though :)

April 2017

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