The Erlenmeyer Flask cozy

Erlene - Made to cuddle labware

An Erlenmeyer flask cozy
I made this cozy more or less on a whim. I've had this Erlenmeyer flask kicking around for a while that I enjoy drinking from (why not, lab equipment is typically made from higher quality materials), I've been on a knitting kick and making cozies for breakables, and this was a glass thing on a shelf. It was inevitable, really.

Made entirely from a green Fargo Moorehead Radio tshirt, I started with an octagon, stitched a short strap to either side, then stitched the sides of those two straps to eachother around the neck of the flask. It was a bit by luck more than anything else that the width of the straps worked out to wrap around that nicely... just tight enough to firmly hold the flask in place, yet loose enough to pull out without too much effort. So hey, I'm not complaining.

Really nice colour to this one. Made in about 4.5 hours, including cutting the t-shirt into strips and turning it into yarn. Not too bad, I think I'm getting better at this :)

The name is a take on the type of flask and Arlene, my beaded banner.

Made Feb. 2017
A green knitted cozy around an Erlenmeyer flask, with the sides open to show the contents.

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