She hates me the least

To be fair, Crocomire Hunter barely knows her.


And the comic continues! Like I said, I've still got like... 15 more strips ahead of this one drawn on paper at this point, and more coming!

Not a whole lot in the way of updates. We've finally got our eagle and turtle pendant on our backpack, just waiting on a vegan patch now, and THEN (I know I've said this like 4 times lol), it'll just be stuff found in the wild to be added to it. I'm kinda piddling with other projects at the moment, catching up on sleep mainly, so it's been a bit of a quiet week. Fixed my crow pendant (minor bead difficulties), replaced a turtle pendant around my neck to go on the backpack, the second turtle was slightly bigger and fit the necklace better, I have begun painting the charm of many things finally, that's been kicking around on my desk for way too long, so slowly. Like I said, a sleep week mainly.

We have a trip coming up in a week or two, but that shouldn't slow down the comic. Like I said, it's drawn ahead right now, so it's all fine and good.

Awright, let's upload this puppy and go finish painting that thing!


Look, why don't I go talk to her, she hates me the least.
Yeah, maybe see what you can find out.
Ah geeze, has she wandered off?
Whup, not too far I guess.
*hop* Hey, hey, hold up there Mother Brain.
*WHUMP* *turn* What? You! What do YOU want?
Ugh, this might be harder than it looks.

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