Do you need to talk?

Are you sure?



Aaaaand she's either oblivious or putting up a fight. Great... no... no easy way to do this it seems.

Updates! Not a ton, we visited Sheffield over the weekend, the city we plan to move to down the road, and I found a cool book at the museum about the history of pen knives (aka whittling knives lol), so the carver in me is happy. Not a whole lot else, shopped around, had an absolutely *incredible* vegan sandwich at the Crucible Kitchen, a vegan feta and olive OH MY GOODNESS the sundried tomatoes in there were like SUGAR! That was an absolutely delicious sandwich, and I may need to make that a staple of every time we visit, and a regular when we move. Anyways, delicious sandwich aside, we poked around the museum, the winter gardens (aka indoor trees), stumbled across a comic shop, sat by the river and watched (YouTube links) birds, ducks, fountains on our trip (also here is the trip in). Just a relaxing day out type of thing. Also here's the Song-a-Day in front of the Crucible Theater.

Aight, let's see if I can knock out a dungeons and dragons project or two, because those have been annoying me being unfinished, and get back to carving and chainmaille.

Also comic 1333. Cool :D


So... did you want to... talk about anything?
You mean like your IMMINENT DESTRUCTION?!?
*pew* *pew* *pew* *pew* *pew*
Umm... rude.
*pew* *pew* *pew* *bwam*
No, I mean... could you please stop that... I mean about what you're going through.
What do you mean?

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