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Deja Vu times duex

Yes, this is essentially the same as Kabutroid's comic. I thought it would be ironic if the exact - well, almost exact - same thing happened to him again. Kabutroid helped me make this, since I can't do the blurred characters.

Thank the Creator we found him in time.
Hey... I think he's waking up.
Alright! He's gonna pull through.
It can't be...
Sweet! He's coming around.
Welcome back.
This isn't happening...

Metroid, Samus, Kraid, and related characters are all property of Nintendo. Hiroshi, Sage, and all other original characters are my own creations, so ask politely if you want to use them. This comic was created soley by me, using only MSPaint; occasional editing help from Kabutroid using whatever she uses. The html was based off of Kabutroid's HTML and my own knowledge.