Divination Sets

The stuff I use to divine

A set of Sacred Hags Oracle cards, the box laying on green fabric.
This is going to be a bit of a casual page, at least for the time being. Y'see, I enjoy divination, an I can get the feels and all that, buuuuut it never really has the opportunity to come up. Like, I *could* do divination on myself, which (lemme get into for a minute here) I generally don't like doing for myself, and I'll tell you why. On the everyday, I simply perform better when flying blind, so to speak, I can't think of a better term for that. But like... when something random comes up, I just perform better if I take it on the moment, rather than dwell about it beforehand. I guess that's about it for that side of things, and the other side of that is that I live moment-by-moment, most of the time (I attribute that to having grown up in the open fields), so I don't really plan things out ahead of time. Come up with art project; make art project. Like that's the day to day, anything other-peopley (my Abby aside) seems to be the reason for most time-dependent things, which I don't really do. Like on the-alright, I'm getting too far into things here, you get the idea. Anyways, I don't divine for myself much, but I'll throw down for anyone. So yah, the run of the mill of this is that to not expect this page to be updated a whole lot, like... few times a year? Presently? We'll see if I have the opportunity to do much divination in the future, like I said I do fly by the seat of my pants, so who knows what might come up.

Anyways, my divination kits:

- Oy vey, ok so a big ol' disclaimer here first of all. I'm in a weird situation where I'm, as of sitting at a computer and typing this, away from most of my belongings, just don't worry right now, but like... well, I can't even take photos of anything right now, but I came up with the idea to make this page, initially. So... let's just throw up some random thumbnails like, where's a store photo of it kinda thing, until I can take a better shot. Not... actually a whole lot lost per-se, since this page was generally just going to be a photo-quick-writeup kinda thing, so like... yah that explains a few of those there eh lol? Also I use eclectic items like bones and sticks (I really like the sticks, they can make smiles and stuff), those I'll use more often when just wandering, and can be picked up on the fly!

A set of seven wooden disks, a fossilized stone, and three metal rings, on a pink silk pattered cloth.My original main divination kit, details here - A silk cloth, 7 wooden pieces, three connected rings, and a contoured stone. I love it, it's incredible ❤
Just text saying set of runes from my friend. Pic coming when I canMy true first divination kit, a set of runes gifted to me by QuelynBlay. Though not used more than a handful of times, it was my first divination set, and got me rolling down this path. Her first casting for me, on her own stones, indicated that my primary focus is art.
Dragon oracle cards, with a bright orange dragon on the front of the box.Dragon Oracle - my first set of divination cards, received as a gift. I liked to pull a dragon in the morning and see what it tells me about the day.
A reddish and peach box, with a woman on the front of it, cards that called to me.The Divine Feminine Oracle - Also a wonderful set of cards, my first ones purchased lol
Just a temporary picture of bones right now.Oracle Bones casting - It just seems my nature, growing up in the deep prairies, always around nature, bones around fairly normal. Also have a connection to autumn and decay, not sure if related. I don't associate the bones with death, at all, just a talking piece, it has a certain voice to it, a certain tone. It sounds old.
The Wild Unknown Tarot, a pattern which called to me, mainly black with lots of jarring and sudden lines and colours.The Wild Unknown Tarot - My first Tarot deck. Haven't had a chance to use it much, but it certainly appealed to me.
Three sticks on the ground, somewhat resembling a talking face, with one stick being the eyes, and the other two sticks forming a mouth.Three Sticks - I really love casting sticks, specifically three of them. You can get a simple smile, a pointer arrow, very simple basic stuff that you can read on the fly. It's like bones, but it can use the curve of the stick more. That said, I've used curved bones too, though this feels very environmental, like nature itself is speaking through them.
Just a text for now saying another set of runes, gifted from another friend, this one up in The Pas. Pics of this coming when I can too.Another set of runes, given as a Christmas gift up in The Pas, Manitoba. Pic to be posted when I can photograph this too.
The Harrow deck cards and instruction manual beside, on a wooden desk.Harrow Deck - Actually created for Pathfinder, but it can be used for divination as well. Not often used, but it's an option that's out there.

We also have the Deck of Many Things, of which the new 66 card version can actually be used for divination, both in game and of course out, so I'll add that into our TTRPG-related tarot decks too.
The cards faceup, tightly spread out so that only The Magician card is showing, with the instruction manual beneath.Rider-Waite Tarot - The classic the standard, I picked this up to associate with dungeons and dragons, but the cards are still unmodified, and I keep the original instruction manual. This deck has really grown on me, the artwork and the feels to it.
The box for the Sacred Hags Oracle, sitting on a green fabric surface.Sacred Hags Oracle - A very recent purchase, it called to me, for all of the reasons. Y'know, can I say, I take the hag aesthetic to the good side. Like, the slime monster swamp thing, that, on the side of good. Yah so that's me, so when I stumbled across this I had to get it. Still dabbling with it.
The Forager's Daughter Tarot, picked up because the idea of foraging people called to me so much, not from foraging per-se, but from having grown up on a farm with a family garden. We did also forage at our grandmother's house too.The Forager's Daughter Tarot - From having grown up in the prairies, I found this deck after searching things like prairie tarot and field tarot.
Britney Spears Oracle, which I had to get because it's Britney Spears, I mean c'mon! Kabutroid is just holding it up with her bed and room in the background. The tagline at the bottom of the box calls it a deck and guidebook to be stronger than yesterday. Naturally.Britney Spears Oracle - I had to, I HAD to. I discovered that it existed, I bought it online almost immediately. It feels good, it empowers you, I'm happy with my impulse purchase lol.

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