The Scythe Sheath

Bellatrix - Staggered and irregularly striped

A staggered black and white knitted sheath for an intricately carved scythe, which is peacebound, and has hearts in its carvings.
This was originally going to appear in the miscellaneous section, but given this project is taking so long (and has at this point earned its own playlist on my YouTube channel), I felt that she deserved her own page.

One might ask why I wanted a sheath for Ursula to begin with, given she looks all awesome all on her own. I had however just finished a sheath for my machete, and was still in the mood to make another sheath. Also, it'd be nice to be able to install a peace bond on it like with the machete. As an added bonus, it makes it far less intimidating should the opportunity come up to bring it in public (like say, to a convention). The inner sheath didn't take long to make... about an hour and a half, from part of a $3 camping tarp and a strand of yarn from the Aultman Heart Centre tshirt (now nobody can say she's heartless :P). The knitted surround came from the tshirts for the Divisional Youth Chorus, the movie Arthur, Men's Warehouse, and The Westin Harbour Castle. Looks like the sheath, aside from having that heartstring, will be musical, Arthurian (I don't know, I've never seen it. Grey, anyway), well-fitting, and apparently dwelling in a castle. Goes well with Arthur I suppose.

Most way through the project I was inspired to name the sheath Bellatrix, after a small black cat in a nearby stray cat shelter that I've volunteered at. I love her staggered stripe look. The kinda off-sized bands of dark and light, it almost throws off your eyes when you look at it. Very Beatlejuice in a way. Not originally intended as such from the beginning, but when you've got random tshirts and pick random colours, you work with what you've got. This way, she tells her own story, in a way :). This is also the second item, after Kuraido's Cup Cozy, to partially set aside the random tshirt selection process. Once it looked like it was going to be a striped pattern such as this, given what I had to work with at the time, when it came time to turn another tshirt into yarn, I decided to grab only the darker coloured shirts remaining to randomly select from, so that I could keep up the striped pattern. Pretty interesting looking, if a little unusual. Though this IS made by me, so that's little surprise :P

Started Feb. 2017
The in progress pic, showing the sheath in two parts, with one part being sized to fit over a green tarpaulin inner lining, and the other still attached to a knitting needle.

The sheath on the scythe blade, in front of a red wall, peacebound, and with the purple linework flowing well with the burgundy. It's a rather pleasant photo, almost farmlike.

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