Kuraido's Cup Cozy

Because a set of four cups likes to clink around a lot and it's kinda noisy.

A cozy for a set of teacups.

After making the sake set cozy, it was inevitable that this teacup set was going to get a similar home. I figure the best way to go about it was to arrange them in a 2x2 grid, and basically just kinda package them in like that. One large square back, one long rectangular surround, one rectangular cross-brace, and two squarish other-cross-braces. And closure flaps and ties of some sort. The cups themselves are a set of teacups that I've painted the underside of, based on an L5R game a friend runs (I played a character named Kuraido). Fun stuff, and I wnted a way of protecting them. Added bonus, any time I move it will be ludicrously easy to pack up my glassware :D

Made thus far with the last of the Samus visor shirt, and The Cranberries - Free to Decide tour of '96 shirt, my first live band ever, followed by Mayhem, fittingly followed by Hoarfrost's t-shirt.

This is also the first project to experience a deviation in the random shirt selection process! Unchosen by the process of 'scramble the pile around in my hands and eventually grab one', this shirt was chosen by the process of 'this thing's mostly black, the Engineering shirt's mostly grey, and the project's mostly done. I didn't want a door and a half of grey all... unusualing up the front of this, so I opted for Rammstein to finish her off.
A small knitted basket, with knitting needles, tshirt yarn, and a small patch beside it.
Awwww, they're all wrapped up in a cute little package now :)

Cups! Consider yourselves cozied! There's a minor possibility that this one will be replaced because the pockets didn't come out exactly identically sized, but this'll probably be your home for a while. Plenty more breakables need cozying before these need an upgrade :P

So yeah, I like how it came out. Got some good practice in, came up with a few ways of doing things, improved a few more. I'm cobbling together string and making something fun and useful (hey, they're far less breakable now), and reuses the old t-shirt stash!

Made Jan. 2017
Showing the carrying case, on a knitted rug, with a scale button in the center. The image shows it both closed, and open with several cups on display.

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