The randomized sake cup cozy

For randomized sake cups

A cozy for four randomized sake cups.
These cups were robbed of their first cozy (which to be fair was first bequeathed to Sushi's cups), so they needed their due. I'd debated at first whether to stack all of the cups together and protect them through just a tight grip, but then they'd just be more likely to scratch eachother. Seperate pockets were needed.

Before quickly tossing out the idea of four pockets arranged in a flat square, I moved to making 5 knitted squares, with the goal of sewing all of those inside a knitted wrap, making more of a four-pocket block, which would only need a single closure flap.

It started out with the last of a blue Rubik's cube t-shirt, completely consumed a Cannibal Corpse - Centuries of Torment t-shirt, and ended with a bit of one of the greatest Metroid shirts ever made.
The four randomized cups, arranged artistically around the first four squares of material needed to make it, on top of a white knitted rug.
I gotta say, it came out really well. I don't really have any idea what I'm doing for the most part... as in, how certain things should be done. I imagine that there are patterns on how best to do pockets, or things of this nature in a natural, unbroken manner. I'm nowhere close to that yet. The thought of looking at a pattern while knitting right now boggles my mind.

But I can make squares and rectangles. And they're generally error-free! And I can stitch those mostly-error-free patches together in whatever manner I need, and cobble together something that looks nice and does what it needs to. Are those sake cups cozied? Oh, you bet! Are they secured by their double-clasp closure method? Aw yeah, snug as a bug. Other sake cups only DREAM of having a bed this nice!

So yeah, I like how it came out (now with upgraded clasp) :)

Made Jan. 2017
The four cups inside of the cozy, then shown with the cups stacked beside, and then shown with them all inside and the cozy clasped up tight.

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