Hey, HEY, no breaking the fourth wall!

But yes, although it's not seen often, she has had Ridley's alcohol, and also of course off-screen during celebrations, because of course everyone gets to drink then :D


If you didn't catch it with the last update (it was added after the comic), there's now a page for all the many things draws.

Other things we've been working on, we're finally getting some copper dragons! I've had those rings for a long time now, and well, hibernation put them into hibernation too, but as we wake up, so do they! So we've got two copper dragons nearly complete, and that's about it past the mass pile of all-you-can-draw stuff from last update (and above link). It's mainly going to be a dragonmaking for the next little while I think, interspersed with some carving, and that's basically the art plan for the next little bit. I've found a way to do chainmaille on the train as well with a little travel craft case, and that's picked up the speed that the copper dragons are being made (and future dragons of course, carving, lesser so on the train lol). Also, there's a bit of update to the Fly chronicles, so check that out if you like, and have a beautiful week everyone!


I mean, technically yes, but still... apologise!
You're right, I loved your swillwater during celebrations, I apologise.
Shh, no breaking the fourth wall, go back to being mad, I guess, but yes, my swillwater is delicious.
*ahem* right, YES, I WILL DESTROY YOU AND YOUR ILK!!! *pew* *pew* *pew* *pew*
*pew* *pew* *pew* *pew* *pew*
Ok, I'm just going to go in now. Nice talk, I guess. *hop*

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