Being a burden

Ahh, so dense.

...I can't BELIEVE that actually happened. It's a friggin' MIRACLE that we got out of that unscathed.
Well... except y'know... for my dead friends lying in front of me.
Oh, stop living in the past. We're alive, and that's the important part. Now... let's get going to the bar. We've got booze to drink.
...was that Metroid holding what I can only assume was part of your friend's suit?
Yes... but there's not much we could do in the situation anyway. Now get moving.
Oh sure, except for y'know, that pit of insanely hot lava in front of me.
Bah, I SUPPOSE you want help. Do you know how annoying it is to carry someone over lava?
...I've got an idea. God, if only I could only hurl you into the lava right now, and watch you sink into the blindingly hot depths.

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