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Deep-down flavour

Mmm... vomitastic :P

Much later
Yeah, good enough. Leave it there.
*GASP* thank GOD! Why the hell do you want this crap anyway?
So wait... you want the story of my return to life, or the block?
Y'know... as of right now, I'd rather hear why I half-killed myself for this heavy-ass junk.
Then listen well...
What's wrong? The vodka didn't go bad... did it?
I just got the most vile, hideous of chills just now.
Maybe you're getting whatever I've got. My stomach's not feeling all that great.
Hmm... no chance it could have been from at least 300 pounds of deep-fried brain-meat?
Oh come on. If you would have thought of it first, you would have SO done it too.
Yeah... yeah I would have. ...Did she taste good at least?
Considering having been in the deep-fryer since we left... not bad. Kinda oily.
Damn. I wish I got to try some.
Well, a little open-mouth kiss and...
Finish that thought and die *ka-click*

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