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Spikes all around

Well think about it... he's gotta use his own personal energy to get his body to make 'em. Kinda like a spider making silk webbing.

And for the record, Kraid will shoot the first spike in, then essentially jam the other two spikes in with his hand (holding Samus up with the other) to get the "spike-ladder" to extend that far out. So no plotholes for you on THAT matter.

Squee squee squeh. - ... so I says to him, 'That's the the ONLY thing being drained."
Hmm... surprising amount of these fellows left. Jerks. Jerks the lot of them.
Crikey this place is spikey. I get the feeling my feet are gonna hurt after THIS trip. I wonder why this place would be so fiercely guarded. There's gotta be something BIG and FANCY in here somewhere.

Squee. - Stupid talking bushes. A plague to this planet, I say!
Crikey that bush itches something fierce. IT's a relief to get it off of me. But hmm... I wonder what's down this here hole...
Faster Kraid, FASTER!
Y'know, I want to take that out of context, but right now I'd rather only say "I CAN ONLY MAKE SO MANY FREAKIN' SPIKES AT A TIME!!!

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