Photo of the other corner, showing a stack of boxes reaching three quarters up the wall, although the back corner itself is filled with my wooden staves behind the boxes. Photo of the corner of the room that has our refrigerator, with the coffee pot and kettle on top, and the telly on the cabinet beside. The tea pot is inside the top drawer of that.

LIFE IS IMPROVED! And then the old landlord was never brought up again.

So not a whole lot of updates since the last comic, which has pretty much all of my updates from the past while. I did make a minor improvement to my Planescape D&D book, in that the map in the back has been given a plastic sleeve, so I no longer need to fiddle with unfolding it while it's still attached to the book, and also not worry about losing it in general. So yeah, little minor improvement modification thing.

As the comic says, we have a fridge in the room now, and... a not particularly small pile of boxes in the opposite corner of the room. Those will slowly be opened and arranged into our wall of cabinets, and it will be nice to have everything out and arranged in the relatively near future.

So that's next on the list, get rid of all of this cardboard that has been sitting in a damp garage for 3 years, wash everything, and begin moving forwards again. If you want to see some unboxing videos, a few of them are in my song-a-day already, with more being added to the playlist as they get opened.

And that's about it for the exact moment. Much sudden exercise from moving boxes, much excitement from opening boxes, and speaking of exercise, I'm also jumping rope to raise money for cancer research, 100 jumps per day for all of March. Check my facebook page for details.

And yeah, that's about the run of it, good news all around, I've finally gotten onto my hormone therapy in the UK now, things are starting to work, and just good stuff ^_^ ^_^

Also pics of puppy and cats to come in time.

Kabutroid and Abby

YES! Ladies and gentlefolk, we have moved! The awful old landlord is gone forever, and this is the last time that reference to them will ever be made!
Not only is the new landlord nice and caring, but they have a pet dog and two cats, always a good sign!
And the puppy is so friendly!
So, life can begin to move forward at long last! I have access to all of my boxes of belongings... let's just say they're offscreen, because they can all cram into a single corner. Also we have a fridge and a telly in here.
And coffee maker!
So I just HAD to make a comic about moving! We're now in the process of un-boxing everything that has literally been boxed since 2021! Check my song-a-day for some unboxings, and otherwise, comics to come after we settle in! And art! And carving!

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