Picking up the pieces

I was debating whether to put this update up or not. It's laying a lot of pieces on the table, and would almost certainly count as oversharing. I almost have to though. If nobody knows what has happened, then nobody knows what has happened. I needed to fill in the gap about where I have been for five months. I did not even realize that the Metroid community had noticed my disappearance until months later, in February, a friend pointed out the thread on Reddit wondering what had happened. From that point, Darren from Shinesparkers offered to host my site/blog, and I wanted to let people know the story. I am somewhat glad that this site isn't as heavily tied to my Facebook or real life right now, as I would be worried about what is typed here causing problems with my finding work, or anything like that. Thank you for hearing my story. Like the comic said, please donate or send bitcoin if you can. I am continuing to apply to job postings, and doing everything that I can to get back on my feet again.
A lot has happened in my life in the past six months, about when the last update happened. I did not even realize it much at the start, as I was in a very bad place, which became significantly worse at the time. At last update, I had lost my home and was staying at a friend's place. Since then, I had found another place to stay, but was soon after targetted by an online stalker who gained access to my computer and online accounts. In a bid to protect myself, I deleted all of my online profiles, deleted everything that I possibly could, and got a new computer. This included cancelling my domain name, server space, and more or less every online account that I have ever had since being on the internet, my entire digital history. I've laid low since then, basically waiting for the dust to settle before beginning to re-introduce myself online again.

I have to thank Darren from Shinesparkers for offering to put of Planet Zebeth while I am still enduring hardships. I've been let go from one job for being transgender, have only found a short contract job otherwise, found myself homeless a second time for my safety due to a malicious tenant who drove me out, and am now renting a room in a house, still looking for work. I don't know how much you want to hear about my sob story so far, but I get my food from a food bank now, and am otherwise in a deep state of survival mode to get by. No purchases other than food, shelter, bus fare, and telephone. I cry to myself often, but keep putting out resumes and cover letters, and keep trying to get back on my feet. I hope things improve for me soon, they more or less have to.

Other than that, thank you again Darren for offering to host the site. It's nice to once again see the comic strip online, and be capable of continuing to document my life through it. That said, one day at a time, sometimes one hour at a time. My life is so unstable right now that I can barely see past tomorrow, let alone try to imagine my life a week, or a month from now. I have enrolled in College to become a health care aide, deciding that accepting that debt will be for the best, as upon completion I will hopefully be able to help people, and find employment in assisting those in need. College starts at the end of March or early April (still waiting for the College to finalize the start date of their next term), and I otherwise search for work to get me through to that point, and hopefully part time work to get me through college.

Wish me luck, and send any prayers and blessings my way that you can. I'm in a tight space, and can really use any help that I can get.

Kabutroid / KatieLynne

Note: The site will contain many broken links right now, since everything has moved, and all of the content that was once on YouTube or elsewhere is now gone. I will be cleaning up the site and getting it running again as I have the time.

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