Never satisfied


I'm actually getting somewhere here. Getting back into the swing of things to an extent. Got most of my stuff moved or removed, so I think at this point I can say that I can comfortably fit the entirety of my life into a single room. I like to think that if/when the situation comes up in which I have to live somewhere else, I want to make that process as painless and simple as possible. I wouldn't mind shooting for a point when everything I own can fit into a single vehicle, but given the handful of collections, as well as needing twice the wardrobe, that would really only work with a retrofitted van or truck or something that has all kinds of compartments and efficient design choices. Sorta like what I'd want that previously mentioned bike trailer to be like, only more elaborate. And if we're going ideal here, it would also be in a self-driving electric vehicle, but baby steps.

The job search continues. I'm updating my LinkedIn profile here and there, seeing what office work is listed. I've applied here and there, so all I can do is keep at it, drop resumes off in person if I can, things of that nature. I'll keep everyone posted on how things go on this front. I'm keeping things nice and cheap for myself otherwise. Hot pot (things boiled in soup broth), potato dumplings, rice casseroles, y'know, things that need the fewest ingredients possible. Every extra ingredient is an added expense. Keep an eye on my weight, make sure it's at least staying approximately even, keep myself in shape, keep my spirits up, all that such and such. Things have been rough, but that's all the more reason to move on.

Y'know what the kinda annoying part about all of that is though? I'm an honest, hardworking person, don't complain, do my work and take pride in it, all that... but it seems like there's no companies that actually want to hang onto anyone like that. Or rather, can't in many cases. A manager hears from higher-up that they've gotta ditch X people, or we're being outsourced, and that's all there is to it.

But looking for *new* work? How does one phrase on a resume "Honest, hardworking Jack of all trades, who's willing to learn new skills and industries, either physical, computational, or otherwise. Want a floor swept? Done. Want something mounted to a wall? I will get it millimeter-perfect. Want some code debugged? What language? There's a good chance I'm already decently, or at least slightly familiar with it, and can learn more. Need data entered? For how many hours? Files sorted? Just give me a sort order.

How do you put, in politically, resumeically correct terms, that you're an ambitious, self-taught do-er? I need to phrase THAT in the most office-environmentally, politically-correctilly friendly terms possible.

AAAAND, how does one word it in such a way that it doesn't get deleted or thrown out in the first few words, while at the same time convincing the reader that what they want is someone with YOUR talants, rather than just another person with office experience, and maybe an expensive piece of paper with their name on it?

How does one say that while this isn't your lifelong dream, if they want a hardworking employee who will do and learn what you need them to, and do it well because you both enjoy food and shelter and take pride in your work, that they should hire you.

How do you put THAT in resumeically-correct terminology?

Ah well, I'll get something eventually. Worse comes to worst, I can always wash dishes. I've done it before, and I can do it again if I must. I'm a survivor, and I don't see that changing anytime soon. I've asked myself how little I can live on. The answer was "very".

What's that? I've tried more things, and am therefore better qualified to judge the taste?
Do bricks taste good?
...I don't have to answer that!
THEREFORE, my booze is better.
I'm sorry Ophelia, what was the question again.
Answered good enough, at least here I can tunnel around.
I fill in my holes behind me.
Which *I* flatten down.
Why are you helping her?!?
Not gonna lie, you're being a bit of a dick right now.

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