But is it better

Of course that's going to happen. Like Ridley's gonna let that opportunity slip past.

The minions... the pogs... the minion-generators will be working overtime!

Well, not really. I put a cap on that pretty early. When do they start re-generating again? When the people waiting have gotten bored and buggered off, kinda like the respawning in ZR388.

Oh, the pogs to be named.

Wonder what Croc-boy's spelling.

I feel invigorated. I don't know why. I'm back to hunting for an office job. Threw my resume around, had a meeting with a few people, nobody's hiring. Trying to get back into customs brokerage again. I know a fair amount about it, enjoyed the work when I did it, and in all reality, global trade is going to be one of the more important industries in the future, in some manner or another.

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