Is life done kicking me yet?

Ugh... it almost feels like my complaining is trivializing everything that I've gone through... but seriously. C'mon, life... c'mon. I'm only 34... how much more do you plan to take from me? I've had to go through shit that many people who are RETIRED don't have to deal with.

Just... go easy on me for a while. I'm a simple woman, I don't ask for much.

Just... enough pain for a while.

Ok, well, ignore that for a bit. I've got something else I need to address.
*poof* *hop*
The fact that our voices are nice and scratchy and pixellated again?
No, shh, I'll get to that later.
Did she just SHUSH me?!?
The Kabuclan is getting a little bit smaller today. I've gotta say goodbye to my kitty.
Aw MAN, seriously?!? Jack's going away?
'Fraid so. It was that time. Called, made an appointment with the vet for 6, and... yeah.
Aw, that's awful girl. Lemme get you a drink or something.

Captain Jack Daniels
Aprilish 2005 - Oct. 20, 2014
You're an awesome cat, Jack!
At least there's no feline diabetes at that big food bowl in the sky.

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