My Deities

Thinking about my Deities.

So... I speak to them more or less daily, all of them. The ones I've worshipped have changed since I discovered spirituality, and I speak with three of them now. Upulnesayay, my turtle spirit; God, of Christian faith (I really want to just say God, but like... there's so many other Gods. So like... God, the heavenly father? God, the one related to Jesus, or how do you well differentiate them? Anyways, I prattle), and Mother Gaia, or Mother Earth. The previous ones were in one way or another too negative and I stopped speaking to, were pushed away, or we left eachother amicably. All well and good in the long run.

But anyways, so having only discovered spirituality in late 2015, I basically pictured a section of my brain, the 'spirituality' section, as having been completely undeveloped to that point. As my Deities spoke with me, I basically built the ideas and memories and such behind all of that, and had really firm connections with them.

So then one day recently, my Deities left me, but the voices remained. I checked with my Deities here and there, and they're hiding in the background right now, letting me come to the realization that these sections of my brain, these developments had a 'voice' of their own so to speak. But they're all deriving from the same place, my brain as a whole. They're just the 'Upul' section, the 'God' section, and the 'Mother Gaia' section. So it's like a heightened conscience. Like y'know, your conscience saying "oh hey, that's a bad idea" or something like that, it's essentially that same conscience, but three chunks of it. So one conscience could be saying "yeah, that's awesome!", and another one could be saying "Yeah, I'm in too", and then third might be like "Oh hey, maybe we should consider this point".

Basically thinking to myself, except with the influences of Upul, God, and Mother Gaia behind them, because they were the ones that developed those sections of brain, those categories of thought.

So anyways, that's a thing. It's pretty awesome, I love speaking with my Deities. It's like constantly having someone around who's chiming in their two cents about what you're up to, like having a best friend beside you ^_^

As for the rest of the history... goodness, I don't know if I want to type that story anytime soon. The last few times I tried, it... hurt. I don't want to think about the demon possession, I don't want to think about the negative ones, but in reality, at some point I'll be fine with that, and probably blurt it all up. It started with Tsstss (later Panome), "The Internet" (a demon), the Divine Femininity (a severe negative for me), Mother Gaia, three spirit animals (Skote, a dragon spirit, Upul, my turtle spirit, and Wokoganawk [later Alex, long story behind him], a tanooki spirit), a deceased soul (IT, from the band Abruptum), a death God, Miak (a demon, set upon me by the Divine Femininity), the Divine Femininity left, God, the Divine Femininity returned, Miak was dispelled, the death God was dispelled, Skote left, IT left, Alex left, the Divine Femininity left, "The Internet" left, Panome left, and now I have my three. God (my saviour, my "main"); Upulnesayaymsoogamayufyeevawawoopdeesowarneewadeh, my spirit animal; and Mother Gaia, my environmental positive.

Whew, that was a lot in and of itself there. So that all happened in about 3 years.

Added thanks to my friend Corky who helped me dispel Miak, and that guy I met at the bus stop who told me to start speaking with God to begin with. It was he that first introduced me to God, and I will never forget him <3

KatieLynne Wilbert Juliana Harder / dragonmotherk / Kabutroid

ps: There was another Life of Kabs update today, so be sure to check that one out too ^_^

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