May 09.8, 2018
Kabs combines - Bananas & Eggs
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I apologise for the general lack of updates. I don't want to sob-story it up too much, though this is my blog, so a little bit of it perhaps.

I've been generally just getting by lately. Like... just getting by. It sucks to be unable to afford most food. I pick up from a food bank, and the last visit they gave me THREE, count 'em, THREE potatoes. For two weeks. How am I supposed to live off of three potatoes for two weeks?!? Three potatoes, one onion, and a bag of dried yellow peas. I smile and accept my gift of free food, what else can I do? I dream of a future where I can look at items and choose them by what I want to make or eat, not by what number is beside the item. Are those oranges $1 per pound? Oh wow, ok, so I'm only going to buy one of those. Oh hey, napa cabbage is down to $0.87, let's pick up one of those. Turnips, how in the world are you $1.27 per pound?!? And while I'm on the subject, what's with peanuts?!? They're supposed to be the poor-person snack. Now it's like... $10 for a bag of them, what in the world is that?!? Yeah, like I can afford $10 for a bag of salted nuts, pfft.

You get the odd find though. Five ice cream drumsticks for $4? Ohhhhh, that's a tough call. I dithered around that one for a while before deciding to treat myself. Ice cream is one of those rare, rare treats that I usually don't even look at. Like... four dollars for a treat for myself, that's near unheard of.

Bah, the economy. My shopping trip cost me near $18, and that was barely enough for a few days. I wish our dollar bought anything worthwhile again. I could prattle on about inflation, the absolutely insane separation of wealth, and all of that jazz, but I've done that enough in the past. Now I'm just in survival mode. Over a year of pure survival mode. It's sapped my will to fight. Now I just wait for a crash. A blessed economic crash that will hopefully reset our dollar to once again buy a reasonable amount of food again. It hasn't even been that long since it did. 20 years maybe? I guess that could be seen as a long time. I dunno, I'm getting old lol. A kid at heart, with 38 years behind me.

I know the millenials see the absolute shitstorm that they're walking towards. When a revolution starts, I'll be one of the first people marching in the streets with them. Marching against corruption and waste.

Ugh, there's so much I want to rant about. People starving in the streets, tons upon tons of food being discarded by restaurants and grocery stores that can't sell it, dumpsters locked up to keep the poor from being able to access this discarded food.

Waiting for a revolution. An economic crash. That... something that will change our downward spiral.

Well, I'm a survivor. I've lived on cabbage before, and I'm still living on it. A relatively well balanced diet of dried beans, potatoes, onions, cabbage, and whatever I get from the food bank.

Oh, I've splurged a little bit more and started buying eggs again! Oh heavens, I can hardly remember the last time I've had them, and they're wonderful. I've moved close to a fairly inexpensive grocery store called 'No Frills', which is letting me add a few things to my diet.

Oh, and bananas. They're a staple, and also part of the kabs combines strip. Seriously though, I am so sorry about the rant above, but I needed to get it off my chest somewhere, and I have very few places or people to whom I can vent. I can only bottle up this pain silently for so long. Don't worry, this is a 'Kabs combines things' update, this text won't be saved like the updates under regular comics. This rant will vanish with the next update. And hey, who knows, maybe that economic crash that I'm hoping and praying for will happen by then!

I'm not stupid though, I know that there will be catastrophic consequences to an economic crash at this time. I would honestly be shocked if there weren't riots in the streets, looting, and public unrest and anarchy for a period of time while thousands of jobless people angrily vent against the politicans who have been destroying them for decades. All I can hope to do is lay low and weather the storm, eating pasta and, oh who am I kidding, I will be rioting right along with them. I've taken all the suffering I can handle as well.

Well, that was a downer of an update. Life can't always sugar and roses (or some saying like that). Gettin' by, gettin' by.

C'mon universe, give the 99% a good future to work with. Let's start to clean up this mess that the world is in now.

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Sprites from Metroid created by Nintendo, and sprites from other games created by their respective companies. Comic ideas and some sprites created by me, KatieLynne Harder (also known as Kabutroid and dragonmotherk). Bonus thanks to Niklas Janssen for the coding of the roaming Metroids, which I've modified to fit Planet Zebeth.