June 24, 2020
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A chance occurence
Fate pushes you together
And then... magic

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The words of kabutroid

OMG so Kabutroid is engaged. EEEEEEEEEE, oh my goodness it's incredible. So we met up by a chance occurence, in a kinda conversation that led to us being engaged to eachother. Like we've known eachother for years online in general, and then... and then we talked. Stars aligned, magic happened, what have you, it was meant to be.

So we chat online for hours at a time every day, video chat and texting. We like the same things, the same subjects. I'm looking to go to the UK, she's looking for a partner, it was meant to be like I said! Like oh my goodness fate!

So that's all kinds of incredible. And also what's been absorbing all of my time lately, oh my goodness talking with my gorgeous fiancee Abby. Oh my goodness we speak daily and constantly share our love. It was meant to be.

Kabutroid / dragonmotherk / KatieLynne Harder

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Sprites from Metroid created by Nintendo, and sprites from other games created by their respective companies. Comic ideas and some sprites created by me, KatieLynne Wilbert Julia Harder (also known as Kabutroid and dragonmotherk). Bonus thanks to Niklas Janssen for the coding of the roaming Metroids, which I've modified to fit Planet Zebeth.