February 26, 2021
A pile of updates to the spirituality section
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Ok, so I have added a lot of updates to the spirituality section of the webpage, namely the Pagan page, Indigenous spirituality page, the koa page are all new. About Kabutroid got a little refresher, updating my current worship list, having switched to Paganism since the last update lol. ....the statement on that is inside of the Pagan link above lol.

And also the Stuff page got a new title image :D

And yah, those are the updates of the day. If you missed it before, there are also updates on the Legend of Kabuto page, and also the creation of the Staff of Goodness :D

Beautiful, awesome blessings out to everyone, koa, health and love to you all friends!


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Sprites from Metroid created by Nintendo, and sprites from other games created by their respective companies. Comic ideas and some sprites created by me, KatieLynne Wilbert Julia Harder (also known as Kabutroid and dragonmotherk). Bonus thanks to Niklas Janssen for the coding of the roaming Metroids, which I've modified to fit Planet Zebeth.